Social media is an important forum in today's society

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The millennial generation views social media as a medium for entertainment and sharing private and personal life issues, which has led to its exploitation by the younger generation. Regardless of whether the panel is a source of content or lifestyle updates, it has a wide variety of advantages in terms of nation building. Social networking is one of the most powerful platforms for conducting some kind of business activity. It is also a forum for networking and meeting new people from all over the world. Furthermore, social media provides ways to communicate with others for creativity and innovation, as well as to learn new ideas. Social media should be used for the growth and development of a country as a whole, and not a place for all social evils and immorality.

1. It is a tool for business activities.

In the technological age, social media have surfaced as a device where business activities take place. It has become one of the cheapest methods to market the products and services of different business organizations. It has transformed the buying and selling practices into a more affordable routine work. It helps create a company’s brand awareness which enables both existing, potential and willing clients to connect and locate one’s enterprise easily. This, in turn, helps to increase the level of customer loyalty and there is more likelihood of customer retention. Facebook, for example, assists the website owners to create more traffic for their website accounts because it offers direction which helps gain even higher search rankings. It also helps the new entrepreneurs to have a cheaper platform to run their business and make their dreams a success. It is a more economical method to run your company. It reduces the rental costs where instead of going for more prominent business structures, there is a door to door delivery service which is more efficient and effective. The business can quickly identify its target, and through communication, they’re able to satisfy the customer’s needs. It offers space for advertising and to display the different kind of goods provided with their description. However, it also includes information on their price list where a client can choose from without difficulties of wastage of time going to search for the products.

2. It is a channel for interaction worldwide.

Social media is a place for social interaction with different people all over the globe and therefore a powerful networking tool. It is a communication channel that offers one with opportunities to meet new people from diverse backgrounds. Social media networking is one of the cheapest means to build and grow your career profession. This enhances one's knowledge, skills and competencies in their career life as a result of interaction with people with different professionals. It helps learn other people’s way of life, understand and respect their way of doing certain things. It connects people and it is a place where one can share personal opinions and for expression of oneself. People from different areas can meet and engage in various activities for the welfare of the community. They have a chance to meet and discuss on the way forward to handling events and solving the emerging issues affecting the community.

3. It offers information and knowledge.

It creates opportunities to share what’s trending and give personal views of different subject matters. This enables people to stay updated, on what is transpiring in the economic, social and political current affairs in the world. It is a place for creativity and innovativeness, where people grow their unique skills and get new ideas for personal growth. It offers learning chances and is a tool for research and development studies. It is the fastest and cheapest means of communication which provides a wide range of transmission of information. It helps people get suggestions and advice from others, on the emerging issues to help come up with solutions to challenges.

The young generation is dismissive on the primary uses of social media. They mainly think of it as a source of entertainment on gossips, fashion trend and private life updates. They misuse the platform in that they spend most of their free time scrolling on their screens for irrelevant information instead of using it to their advantage and personal gain. By so doing, they miss grand chances to better their lives through a focus on things that matter, and this has led to high social immorality. It is high time we learn to use the platform for the good of the society and the coming generation.

October 20, 2022
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