Social Media Marketing Strategy for Rising Star Studio

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The first step is to create goals for the social media platforms that will be used by the Rising Star Studio. The goals must align with those of the organization which majorly to grow the brand. The objectives of using social media as a tool for marketing the brand is because of its broad coverage of the audience. The audience is comprised of different groups thereby it will require to differentiate the specific target group and try as much as possible to get to the right audience. To be precise, the social media should more consider the young generations who are the consumers of music at large and the upcoming artists who would wish to join the institution. Thus, since the company has identified Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram as the primary platforms for digital marketing, the content will be focused to mostly high school audience, college students, fresh graduates, and people below 45 years of age. That target population is arrived at from the perception that they are the highest consumers of digital products. Considering that Facebook is by far the most popular social site, the company will invest a significant amount to promote the product using this platform (Michaelidou, Siamagka, & Christodoulides, 2011). Additionally, YouTube is the second most popular platform, and that the content produced by the studio are highly related to YouTube, it will be used mostly to market the brand and reach out for a large population.

The second step will be to optimize the profiles and pages that will be used in marketing the brand. The brand must stand out from the crowd to get market shares which means there must be proper optimization of the Headers and Profile Images. They should provide sufficient company information and also imply what the company does. The Facebook Page URL will be customized for easy recognition and access. The optimization will further extend to SEO and include the Facebook Page Tabs. The Best Content and the most searched will be pinned at the top to attract new followers. The same will apply with YouTube where customization will also be done to promote a perfect brand image. Optimization will also be done to ensure that the content can be efficiently be viewed through mobile phones considering that majority of adults all over the world have access to mobile phones and use them to access the internet.

The next step entails boosting the social media following. Considering that the three platforms give the opportunity to increase the audience through paying some fee that boosts the content to reach a broad audience, the firm will have to invest in such areas. It is noted that people would likely like something that has been licked before (Berthon, Pitt, Plangger, & Shapiro, 2012); thus, the company must strive to have customer reviews and testimonies to influence recommendations through social media. In this case, referral promotions would play a major role in establishing a significant following. Use of Instagram hashtag contest would also attract a significant audience.

Finally, the last step and the most critical step would entail getting the tone right in the social media marketing. Majority of people would probably respond to those who sound like them. In this case, people would not be interested in a faceless brand, and neither would the market appreciate a general or overly casual brand. Thus, the organization will adopt three “brand voice” that would resonate with the target market.  


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August 01, 2023



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