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I see myself as a whole person who can co-exist peacefully with others. It is particularly in a cosmopolitan setting that I like to communicate with and make new amications and can sometimes be convivial. In the beginning of conversations, particularly with new friends or people that we often encounter, I love to hang out with friends, family and coworkers. I'm just happy to sit around and hear my friends speak without engaging in the discussion. Moreover, I like to be isolated and mostly via the electronic media to keep up with current issues at home and abroad. A more specific version of it is, composed of general and specific questions that one can use to examine himself or herself. Another website that I could use is since it offers guidelines in knowing how to handle and discover oneself. The former website is managed by Farnoosh Brock who is also the founder and president of Prolific Incorporation. The latter website is managed by Elle Canada who wrote that is very good in discovering oneself. These people have written and described how they manage themselves and it really motivates me to also manage myself in the same way.

I am associated with a group known as The First Class Petty Officers Association, which is within the US Navy. This group comprises of up to eleven personnel under my command. These members hold positions of responsibility that promote professional determination and individual contentment. My digital footprints impact my personal and professional opportunities by creating a descriptive image of myself and reflecting the kind of person I am. The sites I follow, pictures and articles that I post can have a direct impact on my public image.

July 24, 2021

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