Society's Social Problems

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The key point and interpretation of the article are based on the nature of threats that sex workers depend on to make money in geographical areas. The paper discusses the violence committed by police, community demonstrators and the environment, which places sex workers at risk. The author contrasts the views of numerous sex workers and how they have built methods and strategies for their survival to resist current hazards in their workspace. According to the author, street prostitution is increasingly being reduced and made the target of surveillance since intensive measures have been put in place including community safety practices and policing practices which have exposed sex workers to risks. The relevant state authorities in Birmingham in UK have not taken into consideration the issues that make commercial sex dangerous rather community intense policing and punitive measures have been developed to victimize and criminalize sex workers making their environment more hazardous. Street prostitution has been associated with vices and social ills in the society especially where it takes place and the community lives there. According to Birmingham resident’s, existence of pornography, street robberies, drug related issues and unsafe environment has been highly associated with street sex working. Both the sex workers and community protestors are facing constant pressure from the police to avoid criminalization which imposes high risk to livelihood (Sanders, 2004).

Pro and Cons on the topics of Sex Work


According to the study materials majority of the community and policing institutions termed sex work as a criminal activity. Majority of sex workers have been arrested and criminalized due to their working space. Community protestors advocate for harsh policies against the sex workers and high policing of the police within their advertisement e places making their work risk and corrupting their safety (Sanders, 2004).


Based on the findings, sex workers have tried to develop effective working relationships with the police to be able to protect their advertisement space while the help has become lenient to them to get more information on criminal activities in the streets. Social institutions have come up with laws and policies that advocate for the legality of sex working and ensure their health and safety are protected, and also the best interests of the public are safeguarded (Sanders, 2004).

Crime and Criminal Justice

Crime is a status and not a behavior within the social framework. People who are fond of committing a crime or have been identified with a crime are always ushered into a permanent second-class status. Most felonies face a lot of discrimination in almost all aspects of social, economic, and political life. Majority of people of color are the most convicted and saddled with criminal records and have been denied their legal rights such as the right to vote, discriminated legally against housing and employment opportunities, access to education and the rights to public benefits (Alexander, 2010). In the United States once a felony one is ushered into a parallel social universe exposing them to discrimination, stigma and social exclusion. For example, majority of African-American in Chicago urban areas nearly 80% have been termed felonies for life. Majority of them have been placed in the second social status this has denied them social rights.

The Changing Family

The social-political and economic trends in American families will have a great impact on the relationships and co-existence of intimacy among members of the family. The recent trends show majority of women give birth out of wedlock forcing children to grow without both parents. Parental breakups reduce the chances of children to access better economic status, parental care, and community resources. It affects the future development and the wellbeing of the child. The high rate of unemployment among the black and the Hispanic men contributes to single parental hood among Americans (Weiss, 2011).

Problems in Education

The period between 1975 and 2010, the drop out of high school students reduced in each race. The White student’s population who dropped out from high school reduced to less than ten percent of the total population by 27%. The African-American high school students who dropped out reduced to 41.5% from 1975-2010 but the current population is still above 10%. The Hispanic population had the highest number of school dropouts in the last 35 years. The number of students who dropped out from 1975-2010 is still above the normal status despite its 24.8% reduction. Hispanic students are the majority of those who drop out. Majority of the Hispanic and Blacks are highly unemployed, live in poverty and live in the lower suburbs where the educational infrastructure is not built and maintained compared to towns where whites live. Many young people at the age of 25 are drug addicts, and majorities are convicted. High education inequality has led to access to education among blacks and Hispanics.

Solutions to the high education gap

The United States education department should employ staffs that are motivated, well trained and are passionate about teaching and ready to develop a better and convenient climate for students to learn. Students should be part of various developments that take place in their surroundings and education systems should engage them in all aspects of decision-making example participating in work-study programs (Kendall, 2012).

Problems in Politics and the Global Economy

The political agenda of liberals and conservatives differ through their choice of words and topics which are built on different political discourse. Liberals political agenda focuses on freedom of basic human rights, institutional development, and reforms, democracy, and freedom of expression. The conservative focus on the political traditions of their beliefs which include power control, self-indulgence, human nature and property rights.

Liberals and conservatives choices of language depend on issues being addressed. Social problems use sociological perspective in a diverse society to analyze those problems. This includes war and terrorism, gender inequality, global economy poverty and health care (Kendall, 2012). In 2016 during in a Republican convention, Donald Trump referred Islam’s to illegal aliens and stated how Islam’s are radical and terrorists. He went ahead and called presidential candidate of Democrats Hillary Clinton a crook in a speech during his national party convention. Within the same period, President of USA and a democratic party member was heard saying that his administration refuses to associate terrorism with Islam and not all immigrants in the USA are terrorists. Comparing the two leaders one has to understand the conceptual system of liberal words (Democrats) or the conservatives words (Republicans). Based on the words used in their statements, conservatives tend to talk more about central morality and family in their politics while Liberals talk about social forces and social responsibility, human rights and basic human dignity.

Population, Global Inequality, and the Environmental Crisis

In the 21st Century, the kind of social relationship that applies is conflict in nature in the high growing population in the world. Since 1800 to 2011 the population has grown from 1 billion to 7 billion exceeding the total number of resources in the world. The high population growth has brought a lot of conflicting issues between communities and states on their survival.

With the unexpected high population in the cities, the states are doing less to ensure all people are well accommodated due to lack of space and resources. The ecological system is not balanced leading to high level of environmental degradation and lack of enough food resources within the highly populated areas especially in the cities (Castillo, 2017). People who are born are many compared to those who die; the lifespan of people has increased from 57 years to 68 years. The high population in the cities has led to high unemployment, crime rate on the increase, homelessness due to lack of space, poor sanitation which has lead to increase in communicable diseases like cholera. There is a scarcity of resources like clean water, and a high cost of living The social system is not balanced since people are seen achieving their objectives at the expense of others.


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