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Standardized terminology is jargon that practitioners use to better their understanding of their field of work. Nurses, like other professionals, have a standard language that they use among themselves and, in some situations, with patients. Standardized terminology is essential in assessing clients, providing care, and communicating the outcomes of a health-related scenario (Doenges, & Moorhouse 2012). It is critical that a standard language be used throughout all nursing areas since it is crucial for identifying and monitoring findings that originate from various sources both within and outside the field. Additionally, this language makes the research activities easier in that the nurses are familiar with the terms in the field of studying hence simplified work. Concerning the standardized terms also useful in identifying the patient's needs and how the nurse can intervene and provide help as required of her. For instance, a nurse should know that the use of one simple communication is essential in adhering to the standards of medical care in that different nurses through this form of language can aid patients effectively (Hunt, Kitzmiller, & Sproat 2004). In this case, the need to value a standardized language is for the purpose of embracing one’s work and gives it the desirable visibility for better outcomes. Moreover, the need for the use of this standardized code is significant given a situation where the patient is in a critical condition, and different healthcare practices need to exchange information and apply it meaningfully to help the patient a case that is so common in my area of specialty. It is evident that if these practitioners do not have a common language of communication which they both understand adequately, they cannot provide any aid to the patient. It will be difficult for them to decide on one useful thing important at the given time if, for instance, this was an emergency.


Doenges, M. E., & Moorhouse, M. F. (2012). Application of nursing process and nursing diagnosis: An interactive text for diagnostic reasoning. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis Company.

Hunt, E. C., Kitzmiller, R. R., & Sproat, S. B. (2004). The nursing informatics implementation guide. New York: Springer.

May 17, 2023


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