Steroids in Sports: PROscout Marketing Company

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PROscout Marketing Company is debating whether or not to recruit Kennedy. Amelia believes that during her investigations, she discovered that Kennedy is using steroids, something he should not be doing as an athlete, but she has no proof. It might only be a story that she has a grudge against Kennedy. This athlete has a lot of followers, and the majority of Amelia's coworkers are worried that their rival will beat them and that the customer they're working with will need Kennedy. This suggests that if PROScout would not award them, Kennedy, it will have an effect on their future working relationships. The agent does not also recommend a drug test to the client so that the company gathers evidence if this athlete uses steroids so that they can make an informed decision.

Questions That Would Have Been Asked

First of all, from the conversation, it is already deductible that Amelia is a strict follower of the codes of conduct in the work activities, and as the boss, I would ask her questions why she thinks Kennedy the athlete uses steroids and why she thinks the athlete might damage the image of the company because it might negatively impact on their client’s products. Another question I would ask Amelia is in which way she thinks the client might negatively impact on their client’s products. On the other hand, Amelia can ask the boss major questions like if they have asked the client why they think Kennedy is the right candidate for the position and why they are rigid in finding a replacement for Kennedy. Don’t they think by hiring Kennedy, the company will be violating what the company is committed to like finding employees with the highest ethics, talent, skills and abilities?


The best direction in this scenario would be democratic where people give their suggestions, and they analyze the best option from the ideas that have been collected from the team (Roebuck, 1999).

Responding to the Problem

The best way to handle this issue would have been for the agent to allow a test to be carried out on Kennedy to make sound decisions which are evidence based. If Amelia’s claims are found to be true, this information will be communicated to the client. If they still wish to hire Kennedy, then PROScout will go right ahead (West, 2003).

Communication Process

The communication method that I would recommend Amelia to use in this scenario is written communication. An email or letter should be addressed to her boss explaining what she has observed and what she thinks should be done. According to West (2003), this process will be proof that Amelia warned the management against committing an avoidable mistake which would cause harm to the reputation of not only their organization but also to their client’s products. Written communication is also a frequent communication in business, and the current working generation recommends written rather than oral, as it can be revised either by the sender or the receiver. Amelia can shape the contents of the letter to have maximum effect on her boss so that she can feel the urgency of attending to the problem. The letter can also be kept for records, and her boss can review the message as many times as desired to understand the message and respond to the problem appropriately (Patterson, Grenny, McMillan & Switzler, 2011).


Patterson, K., Grenny, J., McMillan, R., & Switzler, A. (2011). Crucial Conversations. New York: McGraw-Hill Education.

Roebuck, C. (1999). Effective comunication. NewYork: Routledge.

West, M. (2003). Effective Teamwork. Chicago: Excel Books.

October 20, 2021

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