Strengths and Weaknesses of Research Methods

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Communication is the driving factor that has extensively dominated our social, political and economic life. Through this, communication has aided to ensure that the information collected is well analyzed helping to fulfill or give positive results from the analysis. However, irrespective of the form of research to facilitate the communication, there are a number of strengths and weakness that are pertained in different segments of communication. Through this, we can be able to develop competitive and skillful means of researching the field.

Research questioner

As Campbell et al., (2015) observes, a questioner is a developed instrument within a specified bracket of questions that are conducted in a paper form or oral communication, based on the chosen number of questions that have been scheduled in the session. Through this, the questions seem to be helpful especially in the interviewer. The person conducting the interview is able to internalize and develop a specific rhythm or pattern of answers from the subjects. Additionally, it is easier to gather explicit information from the session to ensure that one receives the required set of information from the session. On the same note, it becomes cheaper to conduct the questioner process especially to a higher volume of a population, giving it an upper hand.

Survey are cost-effective, which gives it a better opportunity to diversify. Thought his, large volumes of data can be collected within a concise period, a step that can be integrated with the use of technology such as the use of mobile. In this manner, the survey can be conducted much easier.

 As (Dimmick 2011) points out, questioners know no border, when it comes to data collection, the survey is flexible enough to observe cultural practice as well as gender. Through this, it is easier to understand the audience being subjected to the research. However, based on the other side of the coin, a survey has a major weakness that may extremely affect the research.

The idea of dishonesty is higher, since more individuals are interested in participating, or are not willing to share their private information. Through this, most of the individuals opt for this due to security measures.

Secondly, the different interpretation of the question. There is a slight difference n the way subject understands the question. In this case, most of the people answer the questions prematurely or wrongly due to their understanding.

Lastly, where there is no face to face question, it is hard to understand the emotions of the subject as they answer the question. Through this, it becomes difficult to understand different emotions that may have been of great help.

Panel study

The panel study is a study that is extensively used to measure the behaviors of a person at different levels or places. Through which, panel study is beneficial since the consistency of the information is obtained from a specified individual.

Secondly, there is a definitive transition of waves from the information gathered hence making it easier to predict the next cause of action. However, this has a major weakness associated with the study.

It is difficult to collect the right information, since the person acts in favor of the study, aiming to regenerate positive information that helps to produce altered results.

On the same token, they are time consuming especially from the time of launching the study to its final milestone.

Lab experiments

lab experiments are among the most technical studies as they extensively produce positive results that are accurate and can be relied on.

On the same token, the information gathered is consistent, hence making it easier to make a follow-up. Through this, the information sourced can be analyzed with ease. However, they have a major setback as the study is time consuming, as great accuracy is needed to ensure that the information gathered can be relied upon. More so, they require to be conducted with a professional team, making it more expensive to acquire the right set of individuals to undertake the research.

Field experiments

Field experiments have extensively dominated our daily activities, which involves the daily environmental practical, manipulating the independent variable in the real-life situation. In this manner, the field experiment has a higher potential power to gather information without having interference factor. On the same note, the practical concept of field experiment is cheaper since it requires a limited number of people to complete it. 

The field experiment is limited to geographical movement and harsh weather condition, which may interfere with data collection. On the other hand, political intervention is also another major weakness that dictates from one nation to the other. On the same wall, regions experiencing war are hard to gather the required information to ensure that the survey is credible enough.


Campbell, D. T., & Stanley, J. C. (2015). Experimental and quasi-experimental designs for research. Ravenio Books.

Dimmick, J. (2011). The dynamics of mass communication: Media in transition.

August 01, 2023


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