Stretch 'r Wings Business Plan

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Stretch 'r Wings Business Plan

Stretch ‘r Wings has a well thought out business plan. This is because of their strategy and Implementation summary which lays-out aspects that would be attractive to a potential investor. The competitive edge breaks down the company’s product and features such as built-in storage drawers and also explains some of its competitor’s product. Therefore, a potential investor would have an easy time trying to decide whether they should invest as they can easily compare and contrast the company with its competitors. The company has a smart sales strategy since they plan to employ a sales team made up of people proficient in the aviation field ("Aircraft Equipment Maker Business Plan", 2011).

An Effective Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing strategy must take into account the four Ps that is price, product, place, and promotion (McDonald, 2011). Since this company's sales plan possesses the four Ps, it is most likely going to be effective. Their sales plan consists of different marketing tools that they plan on using like products, sales strategy, and marketing analysis.

Communicating the Sales Plan

Their business plan does contain enough details to effectively communicate their sales plan since it has a well thought out process. Each section first begins with a summary of the actual plan which gives potential investors an overview of what they are about to read on the business plan.

Impact of Business Decisions

Every decision made in a business plan has a direct impact on the company (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, 2018). With this said, since the sales plans are clearly laid out, and well-explained, implementation of the sales strategies would be less complicated. Management would have a smooth time running the company because the core business strategies are linked to the company's facilities (Camilleri, 2017).

Improving the Sales Plan

In order to make their sales plan more comprehensive, Stretch 'r Wings could rethink their business approach by readjusting their business restrictions. For instance, they should make sure that they are not overestimating their annual projections by reassessing the current economy. They could also include employee training in their sales plan which would guarantee that all sales associates are on the same level.


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September 18, 2023


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