Style Cliché is a new boutique

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Style Cliché is a modern boutique that seeks to magnify the Dutch notion of "the Clique" or "league of friends" by glorifying the idea of women wearing authentic and antique clothing. The boutique works with a clothing line that customizes designs to meet personal design by integrating a detailed preference appraisal while trying to ensure that the customers' expectations meet the occasion. There is a consumer need for a new style that celebrates traditional Dutch taste while integrating modernity into the design of women's outfits. The marketing goal of Style Cliché aligns with the mission of the boutique which is to establish a clothing line that will give different renowned designers a chance to showcase the quality of their work. Additionally, the marketing goal must create a framework that will teach women about clothes and designs to enhance their knowledge of how to dress uniquely in matching their personality and occasion. The main form of marketing that will be utilized is digital or online marketing. Almost three-quarters of Americans today spend roughly 12 hours online and this offers a perfect environment to not only promote the product but also in gaining consumer opinions (Berger, 2016).

Market Information

The target market comprises of women earning over $50,000 but has limited time to search and identify what they need to wear (Wright, 2017). Most of the women in this target market are professional women having a net income of between $50,000 and $100,000, and most of these women are self-employed or have permanent jobs thus ensured to have a steady income. The idea location of such a business is in the central business district that has ample parking, making accessible to every client. There is an increasing demand for both local and foreign clothes, and this is spurred by globalization, open market, and growth of the internet access favoring internationalization causing an increase in demand (Pride et al. 2015)

In the view of that, Style Cliché is set out to attain the following market goals:

To generate a total sale of $500,000 within the first year of operation if the target market is accessed.

To generate a total sale of $1,000,000 within the second year of operating in the selected market.

To make certain that all clothes are sold not only sold in the United States but to all other nations across the globe.

To create a digital market through social media that will increase the awareness of the boutique among women.

Some of the things we seek to achieve from our marketing efforts include:

To compete favorably with other leading clothing stores both locally and internationally.

To gain a competitive advantage through using both print and digital marketing.

The Value to Client

Style Cliché is strategically located in the heart of the central business district and specialize in the Her Frau, Catherine the great, Hocken and weekend MaxMini lines of products for women wear. In return, this will give the clients an opportunity to experience diversity and a chance to experience authentic wear tailored for their needs. The clothing boutique is created for the high profile customers hence encouraging customized productions. In the view of that, the women will enjoy benefits such as high-quality clothes, good value for their money, and an opportunity to order clothes customized to meet the needs for special occasions. The marketing opportunity will also allow the buyers to make their purchases online, place reservations, alter their designs and do their shopping.


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October 13, 2022

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