Subculture and Hip Hop Music

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According to Juli, (1970) rap is a popular music style created by Disc Jockeys (DJ) and Urban Blacks in the late 1970s. Through repeated arguments and the rhythm, it gives the background and counterpoint a new, beautiful and bright, loud voice. This genre was initially common in Western countries but with time it became popular worldwide.  

What is Subculture?

Anon (2018) assert that subculture is the concept of humanitarian and social research. Subculture is the integration of individuals into a culture that is instinct from their parents.’ This culture is respected and valued just like any other. Anon (2016) add that subcultures build their standards and relationships on social, political and sexual issues. Some subcultures integrate into society as a whole while retaining their existing qualities, such as radicals, Goths, and even bikers.

What is Hip Hop Music?

Wells (2012) says hip music, as well as hip-hop or rap is a type of genre that was created in the United States of America in the 1970s at the American city of hot traffic. This is a common venue that often raises music and sound. As part of the hip rebound process, a subculture is based on four basic components: mixing/rapping, mixing/disabling player, relaxation and picture paintings. Corcos (2012) adds that other parts include access to the rope or rows of resources from the recording (or in combination with beans and sounds) and the sound of music. Although it is used only for rap, more "hips" is an act of the subculture. The word hip jump music is sometimes used in rap music. This class of music can include various features of hip-hop culture, including DJ, turn, fraud, badge blog and game tracks (Juli 1970).

 Blair, (1993) observes that hip songs have both musical and conventional patterns of the 1970s. This was about the time when circus circles occupied a prominent place in New York especially between African and American youth living in the Bronx. The music of the hip track however, did not get legal access to radio or television until 1979 on a large scale. Forman, (2002) adds that this bun was attributed to a reduction between the creation of the hip joint on the ground and the absence of chemicals that do not contain ghettos. Based on hip, the DJ played a dramatic breakdown of two songs and a DJ blender to play two parts of the same record. This involved moving from one to the other and increasing the "break." The first hike in Hip Bounce occurred when tests of machines and towers were made normally (Juli 1970)

Androutsopoulos and Scholz (2003) believe that turntablist methods, such as variance, and punctuation caused by breaks. The Jamaican toast and a droning musical style were used to strike. Rapping was created as a vocal style, where the artist or serenades are instrumental. Burton (2017) reports that leading experts now include DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, Fab Five Freddy, Marley Marl, Africa Bambaataa, Kool Moe Dee, Kurtis Blow, Doug E. Crisp, Whodini, Warp 9, Fat Boys and, Spoonie Gee. Koddard, (2018) admits that Sugarhill Gang (1979) came up with the song "Interesting Language". The song is widely recognized as the main thigh breaks of the record hence it can enhance the board's reputation in the usual way.

Perkins (1996) reports that the song is linked to the 1980s rise jogging when the class developed complex styles. Until the 1980s, the hip broke the most limited music in the United States. As much as the possibles, in the 1980s, Sugarhill Gang began distributing musical performances for many countries. Karim (2012) say this was a remarkable number of hip joints in related styles hence the creation of new subgenres.

Origin of Hip Hop Music

Karim (2012) believes that hip-hop packages, such as music and traditions was collected in the 1970s from a variety of sources such as; the traditions of African and American youth from the United States, young people and foreign children from the Caribbean. Maxwell (2003) observes that Keep jumping in the early stages was presented both in the open air. This also happens with the voice of a sad boy with incomprehensible foundations and less paid places. Bennet (1999) adds that the culture of hip-hop is connected with social, economic and political problems. Many hip-jumps, including DJ Kool Herc, DJ Disco Wiz, Grandmaster Flash and Africa Bambaataa, were Hispanic or of Caribbean roots.

According to Morell and Duncan-Andrade (2002), the most influential side effects and tendencies to a rollback of the hip, are based on the opinion of many races in New York. The first pioneers of Hip Bounce are involved in the combination of music from their communities.  Osumare, (2007) believes hip hop is also related to a way of life that has been shown for the revered set of US cities. New York had a huge impact on Jamaica's hip jump in the 1990s. The result was approved by public actions, mainly due to the migration of Yamichan to New York and the young American teenagers from Jamaican (Bennet 1999).

Bennet (1999) argues that in the 1970s, various groups in New York continued, especially among African, American, Caribbean and Latin American. Square meetings combined with DJs who played well-known music, especially musical funk and soul. Osumare, (2007) comments that thanks to a good meeting, the DJs began breaking the break of songs. This style, as a rule, was called Jamaican music, and it was widely imported into New Caribbean. This included DJ Kool Herc, one of the pioneers of hip-hugging (Neal, 2004).

Corcos (2012) reports that as the percussion collapses in the recordings, the showers and discs were small, different Hercs and DJs start using two intermittent ones to prolong the breaks. Herc performed the art of hip music. In the process he destroyed music and culture, raising the famous Jakan culture of a well-roasting culture, which was spoken of by proud poems and musical conversations.  Morrell & Duncan-Andrade, (2002) report that in August 11, 1973, DJ Kool Herc was a DJ in his sister's class. This was done by increasing the recording of using two stereophones and closed the percussion "breaks", using a blender to switch between the two recordings. Experiments by Herc, creating music with tables, turned out to be what we now know as a break or "removal" (Neal, 2004).

According to Morell and Duncan-Andrade (2002), half of the music in hip was fascinating (for example, MCing or rap). Another example is the Empede cadenced sold rumors and wits that was originally submitted without support, and then made over the top of the hat. Forman (2002) says this style touched on the American style of "Africa", an act in which people try to move to create their language and try to support the listeners. Significant parts of the shooting were equal to encounters, "demolition", political and social analysis. All these aspects were long-lived in American music. MCing and relaxing artists moved forward and returned to "intense" songs that were performed in a combination of bragging, "movement" and sexuality, political and social style (Bennet 1999).

According to Motley & Henderson, (2007) Part, MC, was originally the DJ of the event's head. MC met with a DJ and tried to download the collection. MC talked about DJ songs, invited everyone to wake up and walk. Chemicals could tell anecdotes and use their hot language especially the joy of updating the group. DJs, included, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grandmaster Flash, and Jazzy Jay. Burton, (2017) argues that this group was cleaned and used to display clothing, including cutting and cheating. The method of using Herc was repeated many times, and in the late 1970s, DJs released 12-inch tapes that were distributed (Schulz 2017).

           Juli (1970) listed common songs during this period that include Kurtis Blow "Breaks" and Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight". Various Herc and DJs were able to work with their electrical equipment and organize their songs. Perkins, (1996) adds that the preparations involved, open soccer shields and Sedgwick Avenue 1520 in Bronx, New York. This venue is now being built for a remarkable building. The hardware contains a lot of speakers, turntables, and at least one receiver. Using this method, DJs can make additional music. Music that came up include Rap Attack and David Toop  (Blair, 1993).

Neal, (2004) says the traffic was overloaded in the South Bronx, and most of the paintings, rape, and guns in these chains were the slightest movement of opposition and cross-border movement. It was recognized that the insolvency of individual vehicles could be transformed into accessible materials. Tony, (2003) added that Africa Bambaataa created the Zulu nation, free integration, paint photographers and rap players. In the late 1970s, the way of life was looking at the media. This was about the time when the Billboard published an article "B Beats Bombarding Bronx," commenting on the surprise of neighbors and talking about the figures involved, such as Kool Herc (Corcos 2012).

Corcos, (2012) noted that the electric explosion in New York in 1977 was face to face with unlimited robbery, pyromania and another removal of land mainly in the Bronx. This was probably the time when various wetlands entered the DJ equipment from the traffickers. Thus, the classification of hip joint jumps, unknown outside the Bronx at that time, was built on a magnificent scale. After 1977, home meetings DJ Kool Herc took over and eventually switched to external settings to suit many people (Bennet 1999).

Juli, (1970) says organized in the community, these schemes have become a means to talk and sell new people. Young people are taking interest in jumping into the hip hence have become a way to cope with the difficulties of life as young Americans. Corcos, (2012) contribute that it applies to the environment for risk management and a growing group of people. MC Kid Lucky admits that "people who often disagree go against each other, not fight." Advising DJ Kool Herc, Africa Bambaataa creates a universal Zulu nation associated with hip-hopping, as a way to free new group people, medicine and ill-treatment ((Forman, 2002).

           A bright source of the most original raps based on social problems, are called the "Message" of Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five (Morrell & Duncan-Andrade, 2002). These two studied living beings in sleeping. "Black Americans that abandon the development of social equality used the hip-hop island in the 1990s to suppress the depression of hip development." Hip-hop make young Americans hear a voice about their problems; "Like shaking and movement, the hip jump blocked by the defenders, because it shows evil actions, violations, and groups problems" (Karim 2012).


            People tend to separate themselves into little packs with basic advantages an association. They vary because of their exceptional characters, but then, they have common properties. This means that they try to fit in effectively and relying on the encounters in life that we persevered. Societies are immense for a person to feel a sense of belonging by making profound associations. Music is one of the social upsets that called for unification, articulation and broadening in the majority. It is an enhancement that lies in the subcultures display inside every sort of music; regardless identity, where one grew up, or tastes, will undoubtedly discover a classification worth respecting.

As a devotee of Rap and outdated hip-hop these classifications are explorations and decision for this paper. The focus of this paper will be to investigate them in profundity, examining their underlying foundations. The nuggets are divided into ways how the rap diversion has changed as an industry, as a subculture and how it has impacted a significant number of parts of life. The paper also covers positive impacts, negative impacts and actions that the genres have spread to the public.

Music shapes individuals and in this way, there is nothing unexpected that the subculture is ceaselessly changing. What's more, Rap and Hip-bounce culture is sadly changing to the most noticeably awful. In 1929 rap culture was first presented by African Americans. New York artist Pigmeat Markham first presented rap style, and it ended up well known to some degree. Rap culture originated from jazz style in the 1960s. This culture in America became prominent over time. In 1980 Ssugar Hills Gangs melody first time circulated in radio and it took a considerable measure of boundless.

Individuals began thinking about this style, and after that, it was adopted. It was a generalization in America that African must play this culture. There were some supremacist comments too concerning hip jump and rap style. Although blacks were associated with this music, Eminem stood out amongst them being among the most successful known white American raps Star. This was about time when people took this style and touched the statures of achievement until today. There is a distinction between rap and hip-jump. Hip-hop is a culture and rap is a subculture of hip-bounce. Rap culture was assorted variety that progressed over time. A case in point is that of snoop doggy depicting smoke appearances openly. Alcohol use in recordings and foul dialects lowers hip-hop turn out.

Paragraph One

Bennet (1999) says hip-bounce English was called a British jump this meat a jump in the hole. Jamaican transient processes were initially exposed in the 1970s. British hip-bounce was created from different musical or artistic/fraudulent names such as DJ, step by step. Maxwell, (2003) believes that there are different types of music from a small rap that is well known in urban areas. First of all, it was popular in the forests, in the northern part of Ireland and, in Scotland.  Blair, (1993) noted that the best use of this style is to clarify the tactics, and then the style is as prevalent as the people that are connected to it.

The English hip bounce back in the 1980s kept music and movement (Androutsopoulos & Scholz, 2003 vol 26). It was more prevalent due to the spread of a new style known as New York style. This style also included the most important part of the American culture. Corcos, (2012) agrees that the main importance of jazz is to join the singles and show the style in different ways of writing and photos that illustrate the explosion of a hip jump. Young people from bombardments and other European cities are getting fascinated with hip hop. It is offering family connections and New York between 1980 and present (Juli, 1970).

Blair, (1993) confirms that there is a cultural communication related to graffiti. AbanjengoBrim, Bio, and Futura are expected as the bulk of the design to pass a message through London before entering into football and other popular sectors. Forman, ( 2002) adds that there is confidence when Metro Graff in New York and UK where young people and families in Queens naseBronx expect American explosion. The communication passed on is a mixture of small and London set the pattern. This communication also touches on things like pens. It is also part of the significant trends and lifestyle in New York. Inhibitors, drawing graffiti and training parts are part of decorating the building (Juli 1970).

According to Juli (1970), there was a hardcore style was first introduced by hijack, Tone Committee and silver bullet. West Indians developed a community of people that were interested in music. The Caribbean people were unique but with time, different people came together with different accents. Motley & Henderson (2007) relates that the hardcore style was introduced to convey a message. With time, their aggression led its introduction in clubs. Different songs were made, and it was also reported in BBC in the 80s. With time, this style became famous hence people became aware of it. Osumare (2007) mentions that there was no specific location from where it started but people loved the music and its style. The West Indian community received the music as well and started doing rap music and culture. This was about the time when it was officially recognized by the native people. Whites and black deed hip-hop together and in the process, they represented different styles. These were the first innovators of hardcore style (Corcos 2012).

Paragraph Two

According to Mench, (2016), Hip-hop fashion is the greatest business nowadays. It first began in the internal city of New York then later moved to Los Angles, Houston and Chicago among others. Distinctive urban areas have participated in the style of hip-bounce which is seen nowadays on the television or live shows. Symbols are apparent in clothing hence various urban communities of the USA wear them. This is led to the Hip-jump style and design.

(Mench, 2016)

Karim, (2012) mentions that Hip hop is associated with big-names such as James Todd Smith otherwise called LL cool J. Based on this character women cherish LL cool j since he was among the first to acquire the style and fashion of hip-hop. He initially wore a cap back that made him famous (Corcos, 2012). This fashion trend is better than wearing games pants and shirts. In late 1980s, African Americans began wearing blousy pants which. These were accessorized with African Chains and dreadlocks. (Juli, 1970)

Aaliyah represented the ladies in this style. She set up the pattern of ladies garments wearing oversize jeans tight shirts and sports bras. This style was emulated by many that felt associated with the industry. The shoes from the UK were additionally so famous for wearing with sports pant.  Dedman, (2010) observes that Nike were popular back then given that Michael Jordan marketed them. The urban boulevards wore them hence popularizing it to the point that rappers began to wear it. Tommy Hilfiger was among the most famous 90-year-old features. Other celebrities in this account included, Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nautica, and DKN  (Motley & Henderson, 2007)

Karim (2012) recalls that Snoop Doggy one day wore a Hilfiger T-shirt on Saturday night show and was sold in stores in New York the next day. The integration of the Hilfiger was the result of unfathomable wisdom, which is said to restore and encourage people to search. Hilfiger began to seek after the new hip ricochet. Corcos (2012) understands that dark models were pulled in the associations through publicizing endeavors. Rappers like Puffy Daddy and Coolio were seen wearing this clothing while walking around the lanes. Diverse UK rap star like Giggs, stormy, Chip, deadly bizzale, M.I.A took after the fashion sense conceived in USA (Neal, 2004).

Neal, (2004) says Tommy Hilfiger was an icon of numerous rappers when it came to dressing.

Hilfiger raised the adjustment in the industry of design and also offering character to the hip-bounce style. Presently, greatest sports brands supported this mold industry by making rappers their image representatives. Perkins (1996) Adidas and Nike stood out amongst the most known brands of sportswear. There was a kickback when wearing dreadlocks, since a few people thought it was less complex to wear. As the rappers became popular, they depicted negative images that demonstrated alcohol, drug abuse and foul dialects. Bennet (1999) believes this was a turning point in rap and hip hop culture. Rap lost its meaning when some individuals became careless to a point it was not fit for children and the general public. Not everyone saw the fault others continued glorifying rap despite its shortcomings. These shortcomings changed the rap subculture (Corcos 2012).

Paragraph Three

Blair (1993) mentions that Music is what brings individuals together. In the rap history, there are a lot of rappers that are best friends and respect each other's work. Examples are. Kendrick lamer and J. Cole. These two rappers are considered to best friends. Initially, the duo met privately until 2013 when they were seen publicly together. Together they made appearances in public. Schwartz (2016) indicates that their relationship started when Kendrick dized J. Cole in his visitor verse on Big Sean's "Control."J. Cole let go back on "The shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving Remix" of Justin Timberlike's "Technical knockout,” This was however over although J Dot welcomed K Dot in front of an audience. Kendrick praised his best friend on his new collection while in a meeting with Hip-Hop Wire. It was during this meeting that they made up and became best friends (Schwartz, 2016).


(Schwartz, 2016)

Another example of best friends is DJ Mustard and Yg.  Watkins, (2005) believes they became friends in 2008 when they started work together in an album. Mustard produced most of yg’s music. They are considered to be best friends. In one of the interviews with Hiphopdx, DJ mustard said Burton, (2017) quotes that “I know what He doesn't like, what he like,” he said. “I used to live with him. I slept in his garage.” If you can remain friends after living together, you know you’ve reached BFF level.”


(Koddard, 2018)

The dressing of the hip-hop stars are alike they are wearing sports trousers and shirts. In some instances, some wear chains and band .Each star is giving a unique value to the fashion industry of hip-hop (Koddard, 2018).


 (Sanpdex, 2017)

Talking about dressing of different rappers Snoop dog is one of the most followed rapper whose dressing style is unique. Sanpdex, (2017) observes that he used to wear obey hat, top gun hat, long shirts, sports shirts, optic gaming shoes, faze clan shoes, glasses, Doritos long chains and scarf some time back. His dressing style is one of the most followed especially chains and bands (Dedman, 2010).

Nathaniel Thomson is the most followed UK rapper also known by the stage name Giggs. He did his debut in 2008 by "walk in the park". He is also known as Hollow Man.

The British star is mostly known for its chains and jackets he wears on appearances and it is followed by a huge number of fans. Giggs cap jackets are emulated in London (Karim, 2012).

(Alamy, 2017)


  (Onibada, 2015)

Lady leshurr is a well-known female writer of England. Her dressing style is also unique wearing sports bras, long, tight jeans and sometimes she wears a scarf and a jacket, a never misses bangles in her hands. She inspires the women of England to follow her fashion sense. She used to wear bracelets and plain chains but with her stage performance she worked hard on her appearance (Onibada, 2015).

Forman, (2002) believes one cannot deny that the melodious substance of hip-hop is going up against, and in numerous examples. The music is incorporating violence, sexual content and foul languages. While numerous individuals’ battle to look past the foulness, realism and high-hazard messages regularly celebrated, hip-hip culture is at its center (Forman, 2002).

Dedman, (2010) it is based on estimations of social equity, peace, regard, self-esteem, group, and having a great time. What's more, due to these qualities, it's undeniably being utilized as a restorative instrument when working with youngsters.  Bennet, (1999) one of the psychiatrists in Cambridge University said it is increasing mental health problems as the words are so harsh to absorb. Other people call it as a therapy for mental health. It is now easy to find hip-hoppers in the streets of USA. This come is attributed to an enriched culture hence now kids are interested in this field (Juli, 1970).

Bennet (1999) admits that there are different forms of rap ranging from scratch graffiti, beatboxing, rhyming break dance and becoming a DJ in dance clubs. This availability makes hip-hop such a powerful remedial apparatus for youngsters. Forman (2002) praises that this style is the best since it gives an approach to construct affinity between the customer and therapist. It is considered the melodious substance in a vehicle for building self-reflection, learning, and development. In the case of breaking down existing tunes, or making new substances, the immense range of subjects found in hip-jump tunes empowers specialists (Karaim 2012).  (TB World, 2014)

Burton (2017) says the dreary, unsurprising nature of hip jump beats is said to give a feeling of wellbeing, especially amid melody composing. Specialists recommend this since it gives a feeling of consistency to those with little normality or well being in their regular day to day existences. Something upheld by a look into connecting music engagement and self-direction (Karim 2012).

The hip-hop culture is well known, and one cannot deny its roots and that is how much it is embedded in the life of kids and some say it is harmful (Dedman, 2010). Rap in the world today is faced with controversies after the murder of the rappers in recent years like Bankroll Fresh, Chinx, Flabba and Doe B. Most of those that died were shot dead. Still, it is not known why the rappers had been shot dead (Corcos 2012).

Motley & Henderson (2007) says there is little on the small zokudwengula since all the answers depend on the weather conditions of this genre. The picture painted is inspired by the killings of fortune such as canola and such native battles are not about to change. Tony (2003) notes that the killing of rappers began way back at the East Coast-West where, Tupac Shakur, and Notorious BIG disappeared. Violation of the rap music in the modem day also occurred after the shooting of the school in Littleton, Colorado.

 Blair (1993) adds that these incidences indicated that the political parties Emergency nezamaphephandaba criticized rap. Regardless, the police are investigating a series of slanderous comments, rejecting the main issue of the rap message. Rap, like a lot of musical instruments, cannot be understood without the assumption of its complete editing and social planning. Currently, rap music is associated with hip-ricochet. This is common among American workers in small towns and the traditional African tribes of America (Burton 2017).

Social Significance of Rap and Hip-hop Culture

Burton (2017) says Rap culture appears to be excessively violent and harmful in a manner as compared to other music genres. Rap culture has been fighting against oppression. Rappers want to submit their protest hence leading to backlashes. Debates are ongoing around relating to rap culture as a threat. Forman (2002) admits that these happenings are boosting crime and other illegal activities for teenagers and adults, especially in kids. The American youth is affected most by these events. African Americans want justice hence. This includes doing away with racism which is common in the United States. Many people are killed annually in relation to racism. These occurrences have caused a lot of trouble in politics too (Bennet 1999).

Given that more voters are African American, most of them have been denied the right to vote and freedom of speech from natives of Americans. Bennet (1999) observe that Sex drugs and other liquors have been destroying the kids for decades. This has been blamed on circulating videos of rap that contain violence. Music recorders are mandated with the capacity to bring change. Karim (2012) says with a specific end goal to safeguard rap's social capacity, at the same moment groups making the music ought to be careful. Hip-hop must be thought as a melodic frame and not just a business drift. Hip-hop has its history and structure hence its social importance (Corcos 2012).

Burton (2017) says Rap culture appears to be excessively violent and harmful in a manner as compared to other music genres. Rap culture has been fighting against oppression. Rappers want to submit their protest hence leading to backlashes. Debates are ongoing around relating to rap culture as a threat. Forman (2002) admits that these happenings are boosting crime and other illegal activities for teenagers and adults, especially in kids. The American youth is affected most by these events. African Americans want justice hence. This includes doing away with racism which is common in the United States. Many people are killed annually in relation to racism. These occurrences have caused a lot of trouble in politics too (Bennet 1999).

Given that more voters are African American, most of them have been denied the right to vote and freedom of speech from natives of Americans. Bennet (1999) observe that Sex drugs and other liquors have been destroying the kids for decades. This has been blamed on circulating videos of rap that contain violence. Music recorders are mandated with the capacity to bring change. Karim (2012) says with a specific end goal to safeguard rap's social capacity, at the same moment groups making the music ought to be careful. Hip-hop must be thought as a melodic frame and not just a business drift. Hip-hop has its history and structure hence its social importance (Corcos 2012).

Every element of rap weather Djing, graffiti, MCing or break-dance should be considered in schools, but the words should be heart-warming not spitting harm or foul things. This bad language is considered rude and hurting to the community. It will be better to avoid happening in past years like killing of rappers or the shooting incident in school in Littleton could happen again. Rap comes from a culture that has been leaked in the battle against political, social, and monetary mistreatment. Despite the frequent behavioral wear of MTV video in real-time MTV, several employees are emulating what they are seeing. The difficulty in rapping was not controlled by the director of the trend, which caused American growth; rather, it is a prototype of the problem. This authoritatively exists from their adolescent art, organized with an emphasis on distinctive differences, such as tradition (Corcos 2012).

The best way to deal with violence and the development of crime, is to control the language used in such music. This involves introducing bills that regulate music content in the country. Recent work in the US has shown that young Americans in South America can certainly not live in low-income families. This allows them to live in their homes though unemployed, but away from murdered, AIDS-infected or imprisoned.

Various gangster rappers, talk about how to cope with self-reliance and get respect in the process of racist discrimination. However, different things are true that most Americans live in ghettos and have not received a decent lifestyle. This lot prefers this style in order to pursue new opportunities. Racial problems were the main basis for the promotion of rap culture, as things were ignored because of the murder of half of the major artists. The expected forecasts for medical issues are most troubling for children and their ability to develop.

People are beginning to see artists standing among hooligan letters, as they are steep and live in rich ways of life. There should be some control over their words, and any of what is expected to be "safe" should be recorded. Despite the rapture of rap to see violence in American traditions, musical excitement is a symbol of social violence, not a cause. With a real understanding of the fracture of the hip joint, it is important to look into the frameworks of legal, political and economic planning. It might be useful to consider the role of oppressed political and budgetary opponents. If you want to keep in mind swindling in rap music, the basis of the idea – is the difference in sources and the open entrance to the smallest of urban areas. It should be a mental orientation. With a definite purpose to declare the end of evil, we must turn to a reduction in domestic real-estate companies. Recalling the main goal of stopping the cycle of free thought of the present age of young adolescents of youth, we must use the advantages and opportunities to see the future in hop


Long-term hip-hop begins with one idea yet today it has created a subculture that makes different communities more relaxed. The maximum number of people building this mouse seems to have been said earlier, meant for the greatest good. Their artistic love and the painting of working sketches should be straightforward. The pictures painted are being found anywhere, despite many acting requirements. There is a significant part of the "dangerous" areas. Like all other functions, the p

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