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The success of any company is heavily dependent on its leadership. The leader must be visionary as well as capable of solving organizational challenges. Julia, your responsibilities as an organizational leader extend beyond those of a manager. You must instill confidence and ideas in your staff. To accomplish this, you must first discover the fundamental approach for inspiring the team based on the organization's existing position. A sales leader, for example, should be aware of the market environment and the individuals with whom he or she works in order to set goals that are appropriate for everyone. Learning team helps a leader to know what motivates them and when to apply the motivator achieve the set objectives.

Response to Esli

Hello Esli, I am happy you recognize the importance of developing excellent communication skills at workplaces. Basically, you need to know that effective communication is a necessity for a successful leader. The vision of any leader needs to reach the followers in the most straightforward way possible through effective communication. The leader also needs to listen to the feedback from the team to make necessary changes that would help the organization prosper. Interacting with your team through proper communication make them feel involved thus motivate them to work harder. Make your vision clear to the teams to enhance their understanding of what should be done and how it should be done.

Response to Aidee

Hi Aidee, being an initiative leader requires more than just setting goals, but you have to be a good example to the followers. You should try to exemplify the qualities you want to see in your followers. Significant emphasis should be put on the right traits that would shape the team members towards the required the culture of the organization. Also, the challenges you faced in the former organizations should be improved on and turned into success in the current working place. In short, focus on improving your leadership skills using working experience gained from your former stations.

May 10, 2023

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