“Summertime, oh summertime”

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His remarks in the eighth line, which begin, "Summertime, oh summertime," express his profound passion for the pool. He mentions the lake in such a romantic and rhythmic manner that it seems he is singing a love song about how much he adores it.
Even his portrayal of the other campers, at the end of the paragraph, alludes to the serenity of the pool, which he fell in love with.
His affection for the lake is also apparent in the way that he remembers every detail about it. In the 7th paragraph, he is able the contrast between the present-day lake, and the old one. He states that “the road under our sneakers was only a two-track road. The middle was missing”. He goes ahead and describes exactly how the missing track appeared. Furthermore, in the last sentence of the same paragraph, he points out that the waitresses had clean hair, which was not the case with the old ones. But despite this fact, he forgave this small deviation, and emphasizes more on the similarities, in what he quoted as “having no passage of time”.


Question 2:

A thunderstorm is generally associated with a feeling of tension, fear, and exhilaration which is then followed by relief and calm. Had he gone any further than this, the essay would have become redundant and monotonous. For instance, explaining how he drove back to the city would not have resulted in the anticlimactic ending that it had.

The moment collects and connects the theme of timelessness. White states that “This was a big scene, still the big scene”, and goes ahead to further give a clear picture of the moment. Thus, it connected his childhood moments to the present one.

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