Superman as a Greatest Superhero

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Attention Getter: Who is the most liked and iconic superhero in America?
Proposition of Fact: Everyone knows Superman, the man of steel, even those who are not comedian fans; sorry Batman and Hulk.
Relevance: I have no hesitation in believing that every person in this class wishes to be like Superman since he represented the ethical American Dream; a dream, which does not inherently contain economic prosperity, however, one of moral integrity, justice, and strength.
Credibility: Superman is an alien outsider with absolute powers whom when he was rocketed to Earth by way of his father, Jor-El, could have taken advantage of humanity by turning this world into his own. However, he made all positive by inspiring people through good deeds thus being the role model for everyone from the comic books to the real world.

Preview of Main Points: According to Vasquez in a website, there are three ways, which explains why Superman is indeed a great hero.


He fights for everyone

No matter what a person has done, or who is he or her, Superman still fights for them (whether one is a president, an average joe, or a mobster)

He helps and ensures every person is safe (even when one is in the wrong place at wrong time)

He has greatly influenced everyone.

His birth name has been used by many people including celebrities (Nicholas Cage named his son after him, Kal-El)

Many people tend to act like him and copy his signature style (People putting a towel around their neck to pretend to be like Superman).

He is an immigrant.

As an alien in the country, he manages to overcome the barriers of the new home, Earth.

He manages to learn the new lands foreign language and accepted their ideologies

In the real world, he continues to inspire actual immigrants that there is hope for tomorrow.

As an adopted child, he manages to rise to be the greatest.

He makes his parents proud as he excels in school and becomes a successful reporter.

His birth parents rocketed him to earth to escape the war that had engulfed Krypton.


Summary of Main Points: Generally, Superman is the greatest superhero that ever existed, and the above-discussed points can prove this; he fights for everyone, he has influenced everyone, and he is also an immigrant who rises to be the greatest.

The clincher: “There is no greatness where there is no truth, simplicity, and goodness.” (Leo Tolstoy)

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August 09, 2021



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