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Sustainability in "Singapore: Biophile City"

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The film "Singapore: Biophile City" was made for people who want to live and green in big cities in sustainable ways. It takes on the idea of a biophile area, shows Singapore's greenery, showing how it was embedded in almost all the improved aspects of the town. This documentary is also an open eye for people who are interested, but do not know the different components of the Green City (Blaustein 74-76).
The documentary's main aim is to encourage the development of green cities. A green town means that nature and greenery are integrated into architecture. The documentary shows how environmental sustainability can lead to the index of triple bottom line. Sustainability is a path to chart for the future. This is a future that assembles a disciplined management of resources and strategic use of both human and natural resources. An effort to embrace the areas defined herein can result in meaningful outcomes for businesses in the form of new business opportunities, significant cost savings, and enhanced brand reputation. The use of the triple bottom line can help my business realize how it survives in the economy thereby assuring its survival in the future. The author has also caused me to modify my working definition of sustainability since I can measure my business along these parameters and view it both as an environmental and a social entity.

September 11, 2021
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