Taliban pilots are unable to shoot down an American fighter jet.

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The passage is an argumentative one that discusses the only ways Taliban fighters are unable to shoot down an American aircraft. The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist and political movement based in Afghanistan that is engaged in fighting war. They have taken pride in shooting down two American fighter jets. The study uses the crash of a US F-16 fighter jet during takeoff at Bagram Airfield as an example. These fighter jets are allegedly the latest technologically perceptive spaceship that was expected to best manifest the militia threat, the Taliban, according to the US state. The main argument in this passage is that the American technology, with the growth experienced so far, still needs to scale higher heights, if the Taliban's claims are anything to consider. Militias' weapons are below technology standards as compared to the US F-16 fighter jet, and the shots overpowered the plane to the extent of it crashing.These elements are enough evidence that American technology is not as good as we thought it was. America still needs to work harder on its innovations and technology as a whole.
In conclusion, Americans should not fold arms in comfort because if the occurrence took place, then there is work to be done in ensuring that the technology is improved to a height better than it is now.

Passage 2
The passage is an inductive argument since the concept can only be right since there is an end user to prove it, in this case, Kelly Clarkson. The main reason making the treatment dominates the market, or the only truth which one could believe in its dominance is due to its use by the international celebrity.
From a professional perspective, it is impossible to prove the validity of this argument hence it is invalid. Use of a product by one person does not translate to the commodity dominating a given market or giving it a competitive advantage. Although it is a system of advertising, the message can only woo buyers to consider the product. There is lack of authentic information such as market research conducted to establish how the product fairs in the market. The opinion by Kelly Clarkson is a personal opinion, which is unjustifiable for clustering the use of acne.
In conclusion, the validity of the essay depends on the convincing power that Clarkson has to her followers hence making the piece an inductive one. Although the product may be thriving in the market as the passage argues, lack of given statics makes it unauthentic for concluding.

October 26, 2021

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