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Talks at the Yenan Forum about imperialism and gun control by pens

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In the current era where cultural army has been proven to subdue imperialist form of aggression, it is obvious that the pen is taking over the front of the gun. Artist concerned about fighting common enemies and educating the people will be drawn to the importance of yenan and other anti-Japanese base areas. However, the achievement of these goals might be hindered due to problems such as the class stand and the right attitude are not underscored. The two key pillars influence the revolutionary Marxist writers as well audiences such as soldiers and workers towards working on common goals.
Among the problems discussed in the forum, “literature and art to whom?” seemed to scrutinize and effectively emphasize on the drawbacks caused by oppressors and exploiters. Besides, the challenges to the proletariat are discussed instilling the right attitude to push for changes that are for the benefit of all. Unless a balance is established between these two classes, problems such as sectarianism seem to have no solutions. Addressing the problem further solves other issues raised such as the people that the literature should serve and coming up with solutions to inner party problems. The meeting to address these among other issues raised in Yenan was a proof that there were wrong approaches in existence in as much as art and literary circles were concerned. However, successive meetings to streamline the course were likely to narrow the ideological rifts hence a good transformation that is progressive and goal oriented.

July 24, 2021
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Participating in gun control for my college class, I worked with Lennon70 who took just a quick look at the replies and helped me participate in the most efficient way. A great writer who is a lot of fun!

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