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The task is a cleaning company that began in North Charleston, South Carolina, to service businesses and dorms. The organization was founded by four college students with the vision of taking on the responsibility of keeping dorms and business areas clean for operations. This concept allows students and companies to focus on their core competencies as the company does the laundry. The desire to start the businesses was motivated by the reluctance of staff and students to clean their buildings, resulting in an unsuitable atmosphere for living and operating. Cleaning is often seen as poor work, and people avoid it at all costs. Students despite being given tasks of cleaning dorms ended up neglecting the jobs or unable hence making the dorm areas dirty. Since the dorms were a major area that needed cleanliness, the firm came in to help the students who could not make these areas clean. Businesses, on the other hand, are necessary to be clean for better execution of duties. These are vital in attracting customers and motivating employees to work better. Cleanliness is essential in ensuring a healthy environment which reduces chances of infection by diseases by students and employees. Healthy people have high productivity since nothing deters them their operations like diseases. Task, therefore, would solve the task of cleaning the firms making them presentable. The mission of the company is "You name it; we clean it" implying full-time working for the firm to ensure a clean environment in both the dorms and business premises.

December 08, 2022

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