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Technology in Education

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How the technology has recently brought a lot of expectation in its use in various fields which consists of it use in the learning process.
How the use of technology it has led to provision of just in time and right information to the learners. And how the use of Apps and websites has led to the success of the use of technology in getting to know process.
How the use of technology has contributed to a flexible and efficient approach of undertaking studies in school. Its contribution to a convenient studying process in schools.
The challenge of high price of establishing the use of technology platforms to allow technological teaching be a practical thing in the modern A. learning process.
B. The other difficult facing the use of technology in learning due to disturbances that arises in the use of internet in the classroom, hence making technological learning a difficult thing to administer.
A. The need to use the technological learning process regardless of its challenges because they do not mean it can never be applied.

July 24, 2021


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