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People are not inclined to characterize serial killers as attractive and even cute, but sometimes we do it in vain. That is how people described Ted Bundy, who still scares people, even though he died more than 30 years ago. Police do not know exactly how many people managed to kill people. American serial killer, known by his nickname “The Nylon Killer.” The exact number of his victims is unknown: it ranges from 26 to more than 100, the total number of crimes is 35. Bundy was found guilty of dozens of murders and executed in the electric chair in Florida. By far, Ted Bundy remains one of the most bloodthirsty serial killers in American history, as well as one of the most ruthless and cynical.

Early Life and Lead-Up to Murders

The future maniac was born on November 24, 1946, in the town of Burlington, Vermont. His mother, Eleanor Louise Cowell, was from a respected family. She became pregnant when she did not have a husband. Because of this, she hid her pregnancy and claimed that her newborn son was her brother. Ted Bundy, or Teddy as he was commonly known, only found out about it many years later. This incident seriously affected his psyche, because he took offense at his mother and did not forgive her for lying. Nothing can be said definitely about the father, but there are several assumptions, one of which suggests that Bundy is the son of his grandfather (“Ted Bundy”). The psychological shock upon finding the truth as well as constant bullying due to being fatherless have probably caused Bundy’s mind to steadily become corrupt over time.

Ted mentioned his grandfather with respect, but at the same time told how he beat his wife and tortured animals. In addition, he was extremely bigoted and violent towards other people and family members as well as reportedly experienced hallucinations (Sullivan 55). While witnessing such behavior on the daily basis, Bundy could have accepted his grandfather as a role model and turn violent, ruthless, and completely uncontrollable long before he reached his adulthood.

Later in life, Bundy was not very successful with his academics as well. After graduating from school, he began studying at a local university, but it did not last long. He later moved to Washington, but also did not succeed in his studies there either. He only managed to graduate the University of Washington in 1972 at the age of 26 as a psychology undergrad. Most of his previous academic attempts clinged to studying Chinese (Michaud and Aynesworth 50). While education was not the primary factor of his viciousness, Bundy conscious pursuit of higher education throughout the years demonstrates that he had a certain degree of sanity retained as well as some kind of solid worldview.

Crimes of the Killer

Bundy's first proven crime was recorded in 1974. His victim was 18-year-old Karen Sparks, who he beat and raped. She survived, but due to serious injuries did not remember what happened to her. A month later, Ted killed student Linda Ann Healy, and a month later, his victim was 19-year-old Donna Manson. The maniac did not stop there and continued to commit crimes at similar intervals. According to witnesses who met with the victims shortly before their disappearances, they saw a nice man next to the girls, who was talking nicely to his future victims (Sullivan 85). Bundy’s abilities of leaving no trace of his deeds and almost entirely changing his appearance served as his main weapons.

A series of shocking events attracted the attention of the media, which criticized the Washington and Oregon police (the area where the serial killer most often committed crimes). The problem was that law enforcement did not have enough evidence, and the testimonies of the surviving girls were contradictory, again, largely to the metamorphosis abilities of Bundy (Michaud and Aynesworth 218). By that time, most police investigators knew that they were working with a serial killer, yet Bundy’s sneakiness would not let them go further then that for quite a long time.

July 14, 1974 is considered one of the most brutal days in the biography of Ted Bundy. His victims that day were two girls he abducted from a crowded beach at intervals of a couple of hours. Meanwhile, police finally compiled a photo of the potential criminal, after which hundreds of people began calling, who allegedly saw a similar man. Unfortunately, all this information was in vain. In February 1976, however, when one of Bundy’s victims escaped and recognized him, the trial has begun. He confessed with pleasant emotions to all murders. After his first trial, Bundy managed to escape and was recaptured in 1977. His case would continue up until his execution in 1989 (Sullivan 200-200; 249). Being an active serial killer, Bundy has confessed a few dozens of his crimes, yet even at his final trial, the police suspected that there were many more. This leaves Bundy not only one of the most bloodthirsty but also one of the most mysterious murderers of all times.


Ted Bundy is one of the most well-known and recognized serial killers in history. Being cold-blooded, extremely bloodthirsty, and very skillful regarding hiding the evidence, he remained in the shadow for years, killing dozens of victims. While on death trial, he confessed many of his doings, however, the real number of his victims could be much bigger. By far, Ted Bundy remains one of the most active and most mysterious serial killers in the United States and, perhaps, the whole world.

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