Teenage Pregnancy

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Humans are the solely living creatures on the surface of the earth entitled to rights to life and different privileges. However, the existence of another being’s life especially at some point of pregnancy may threaten the right to existence of the person with pregnancy. Even though anyone in the society can have their personal opinion regarding the issue of abortion, the determining issue should depend on the psychological and health circumstance of the pregnant woman. Abortion has remained to be one of the most controversial issues in the American social media with one group of experts assisting the act while another is against it. In the twenty first century the act has been common among teenagers who by accident get pregnant and attempt to remove it.

I believe the decision made by the Supreme Court in the case of Roe Vs. Wade was accurate and I strongly support the good judgement of the court. Whether to induce or not should never underpin women for their actions. Ideally the society should assess the state of the pregnancy such as how the woman got pregnant or why they want to undertake the act and how the action will affect their psychological conditions. Roe Vs Wade case gave a ruling in favor of the woman, affirming that the unborn child is not yet eligible to human rights and therefore, they do not have a right to life.

In most cases, we have had teenage girls getting raped and in the process become pregnant. In such a situation the pregnant teenager’s right to life is under limitation. Childbearing is one of the complicated processes that women undergo and in some cases they end up in theaters if they cannot deliver in the right and expected way. A teenage girl of the age below 15 years cannot conceive in the right way, and therefore the condition calls for abortion to save a life. Since the fetus has no right to life and its existence is likely to limit the right to life of the mother, then such a circumstance calls the whole society to accept termination of the pregnancy.

However, experts should take adequate care to save the life of the mother in the process of inducing the abortion by following the appropriate procedures to direct and undertake the practice. Whether termination of pregnancy is apt should not be contingent on the consequences that are likely to befall the victim such as discrimination or failure to terminate pregnancy successfully. I blame the illegalization of abortion in America for the high increased mortality rate among young women who accidentally became pregnant. Consequently, I believe abortion should not undermine individual’s right to life through death.

A large number of women in the 19th century secretly induced abortion because it was against the law to terminate a pregnancy. Consequently, most of them fell victims of induced abortion conducted by quack doctors who had no experience or physician skills to perform this delicate process leading increased deaths. I believe if the government should allow the practice in the country, then we will likely have few death cases resulting from induced abortion attempts. However, I believe an individual’s right to life may be undermined when undertaking pregnancy termination. Accordingly, experts should advise the victims of the impact and possible consequences besides conducting the assessment of issue before performing the act.

July 24, 2021

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