Tesco and It's Decision

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Tesco made the correct decision by ceasing its collaboration with the mail order firm. Robinson's previous work at Argos led him to choose brands that would cater to their clients. The corporation decided to sell everything from garden equipment to toddler toys. Robinson devised a novel method of cataloging that proved to be a success.
Tesco was forced to do something with their grocery market that they had not previously done. As a result, the brand began selling not only regular value products, but also low-cost models of premium items. Tesco's commodity offering posed no difficulties. However, fulfillment of orders presented several challenges to the company. As explained by Robinson, Tesco was considered as an extension of non-food retailing. Thus, a proven in-store picking approaches accomplished the fulfillment process.

Just like in the grocery business that was initially owned by the company, online sales allow customers to chose the delivery time slot. The customers are as well provided with an option of picking the items from the store. Picking alternatives offered by the company enhance customer freedom in selecting a suitable time for delivery; the delivery time is also flexible.

Tesco Company offers its customers with human interactions, and this distinguishes them from other E-commerce companies like Amazon and e-bay. The company only makes use of physical store network and let the customers make a choice how they want the business done. Additionally, the company has also made the prices to be the same for every delivery channel. Tesco has the policy of providing the same amount on their web. However, the costs can change when clearing the overstock.

November 11, 2021



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