Texting vs talking

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Talking refers to the practice of conversation or the sharing of thoughts and ideas through the use of terms that move through the gestures otherwise known as speech. This can apply to speech, which is a mode of language based on a mixture of words and names derived from the broad vocabulary. The conversation refers to interpersonal dialogue between two or more people. Another type of talk is a conversation that refers to an act in which two or more objects or persons have an effect on each other. Compulsive listening, also known as talkaholism, is another manner in which it happens. This refers to talking that is beyond that, which is socially acceptable often referred to as oversharing.

Texting refers to the act of composing and sending messages to other people electronically. Letters comprise of both numerical and alphabetical characters as long as the content makes sense to the recipients. Texting must happen between two or more individuals through the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and smartphones, or static devices like desktop computers. Currently, texting is used by the young and the elderly, for official and informal purposes. This includes the use of services such as email, which is a means to send messages through the use of electronic mail. This requires the recipient to own and have access to e-mail services and internet access. S.M.S. is another method used in texting. This is a contraction for Short Messaging Services often sent through mobile phones from one person to another. With texting, it becomes easy and fast to pass information without infringing on the recipients time and space. It also makes communication easily accessible to all.

Talking and texting bear a lot of similarities. For starters, they are both methods of communication. This means that they are a means to send and receive information from one person to the other. Another similarity is that both methods help one convey their message in a timely and efficient manner regardless of their position. Through talking, one can address issues directly to the person and the same is possible when using texting. Another similarity is that talking and texting can take up a lot of one’s time. For example, if a person is in a situation where they are surrounded by friends they are likely to talk for long hours, and this takes up a lot of time. Texting, on the other hand, takes one’s time especially when messages are long or a chat is interesting.

Another similarity with both talking and texting is that there is an element of personalization. Talking in person is very individual especially in social settings. In official or work location, speaking one on one with each other in the boardroom can give the conversation an element of personalization. With messaging one is able to add this through the use of pictures, video, and ideograms which include items such as emoji.

One of the major differences between the two methods of communication is that with talking one can tell whether the other person is disingenuous and their mood and from that will be in a position to handle the conversation. With texting, however, the senders or recipients emotional standing is not seen and also cannot be told whether the other party is truthful or not. Another difference is with talking one is able to see the different elements of communication from gestures, body posture or language, and emotions. With texting, this is not likely. Another difference is that with texting, it is very quick and one does not have to be near the phone to get the message and also text messages do not have to be read as soon as they are sent. The recipient can read and respond to the message at the own time. In talking, however, presence and concentration, as well as focus and interest, are required in order to keep up with a conversation.

Another difference is that texting can be used when the other person wants to be passive aggressive or wishes to avoid having a conversation. With talking, if the person tries avoiding discussion then the other person can tell through tonal voices and other characteristics of communication. Also with texting, the people are often likely to lose touch with reality while with talking that is not likely. With technology, catfishing is very likely as well as becoming a target for ads and criminals. With talking, the conversation is unlikely to take a criminal turn as well as catfishing is unlikely. This is when one uses a fake number or social media account in order to get information or harass another person.

Most texting is short and precise to the point and as such no meaningful conversation can be done with this form of communication. Talking to the other offers a vast collection of possibilities and as such meaningful dialogue is possible.

Texting and talking are important forms of communication. Each playing a great role in the world of communication yet each is distinctively different. Texting has brought a new world of technology into the world of communication and as such development in ways in which we get to each other as well as how fast we pass information. Talking, on the other hand, has in its own way improved even with the improvement in technology but it still remains the best and safest way to communicate as it cannot be altered to fit any other people’s wants.

October 13, 2022

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