The Advantages and Difficulties of Academic Writing

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The term "academic" refers to the total institutions that include programs and resources related to education and schooling. As a consequence, the term academic writing refers to practices connected with the scientific writing of research papers by intellectual figures related to a particular educational institution or educational method. Adherence to defined academic formats, also known as academic systems, and academic types, which include the different techniques of presenting documents, is one of the fundamental concepts taught by academic writing. Due to the expectations of proficiency associated with conducting and presenting academic papers, academic writing is both an advantageous and challenging endeavor that calls for extreme level of professionalism

One of the primary benefits that one realizes from being involved in academic writing is that they are able to learn about the skills that are required in higher learning research. In many institutions, it is mandatory that before one advances at the graduate level, they ought to have conducted a high-profile research and presented an academic paper. It is only through being involved with frequent academic papers at an undergraduate stage that one becomes competent enough to publish a research paper later in their academic journey, which would enable them to graduate. Therefore, the apprehension that academic writing provides a foundation to being a graduate-level research underscores its benefiting nature to a potential academic professional.

However, it is worth highlighting that academic writing has also been associated with negative implications with the greatest challenge being plagiarism. Plagiarism constitutes the use and subsequent presentation of someone’s work without properly acknowledging the original source of information. It remains a major problem in many professions that require creativity and innovation and researchers may be caught in it when presenting academic papers. Many developing researchers are still not well-versed with the guidelines regarding the types of plagiarism and could end up being involved in academic misconduct. With the implications including the possibility of being sanctioned by the institution senate over cheating with the chance of expulsion being imminent, academic writing remains a challenging activity for many students.

Academic writing remains one of the basic requirements for excellence in many academic settings with its applications exceeding the typical expectation of producing essays and conducting research papers. The experience gained can as well be used in presenting crucial information regarding a finding that can be pertinent in aa professional setting as noted in the use of evidence-based outcomes in many professional settings. It is thus recommended that because many potential researchers still lack the basic knowledge of ways of becoming better writers, there should be increased emphasis into ways of enhancing competence to counter the problem of plagiarism.

In conclusion, academic writing is a crucial process in educational institutions as it offers the chance for presenting novel knowledge and information in a professional manner. A significant outcome that results from the activity is that a researcher is able to advance their learning at graduate level with this skill. It is, however, noted that an associated challenge of plagiarism may threaten a student’s learning progress especially when it results from the lack of adequate training. It is thus recommended that because academic writing remains a crucial entity of learning in both graduate and undergraduate levels, students ought to be trained on the techniques that would use to avoid being involved in academic misconduct through research.

October 25, 2022

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