The Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Predictors

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Traditional predictors

Traditional predictors have been for a long time the method used to search and recruit new employees. Some of its advantages include; face to face contact. Through one on one interview employers are able to be more knowledgeable on the type of employee they could be potentially hiring. They study and analyze a candidate effectively before deciding on whether or not the candidate suits their specifications. In contrast, substantive assessment methods one does not get to directly interact with the candidate. One may basically rely on personality tests which is very easy for anyone to lie (Edwards, In Levinson, & In Oldham, 2018).

Reference checks

Secondly, through reference checks the employer is able to have an idea of how a potential candidate performed in his past job. The employer is able to obtain more information on the candidate's work ethic, problem solving skills and how the candidate works well with others.

Opportunity to get a feel of the applicant

Thirdly, through traditional predictors employers have the opportunity to get a feel of the applicant. Here, employers are able to test on the expertise of their potential candidate.

Disadvantages of traditional predictors

Despite all these advantages, traditional predictors also have some cons. First, they are time consuming. It takes a lot of time and effort for an employer to interview a pool of potential candidates. Secondly, they are costly. Firms may outsource experts hiring firms to aid the company in recruiting top-notch employees. This will be expensive for the firm. Lastly, traditional predictors tend to limit the number of candidates available for hiring. Not all candidates are selected for interviews when traditional predictors are used. It is therefore easy for exemplary candidates to be left out.

Personality test as the best assessment method

In my opinion, I think that the personality test is the best assessment method that can be used to hire an employee. This is basically because when personality tests are done the employer is able to establish whether or not an employee has a good personality (Gmür, Spencer, & S.-A, 2016).

Advantages of employees with good personality traits

An employee with a good personality is self-driven. He or she therefore requires little or no supervision. They understand their roles and what is expected of them. They therefore work to satisfy these expectations. Secondly, employees with good personality traits can easily relate well with others thus promoting team work. They can therefore maximize their input resulting in maximum output.


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October 30, 2023


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