The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

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The American’ with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an Act that prevents discrimination of disabled individuals of any kind. This Act covers a wide area including telecommunication, local and state unemployment, employment, public accommodation as well as miscellaneous. The Acts protects qualified disabled individuals of any kind; be he/she a current employee or applicant for employment. Disabilities, due to how they are manifested and the various effects in shows on different individuals, the ADA to ensure that everyone is accommodated provides a comprehensive definition of definition of the term. Basically,the ADA give three major definition of the term, disability, to make sure everyone feels welcome.
Barriers to public services such as education, employment, and telecommunication have made it staggering in terms of social and economic development of the country (Becker & Palladino, 2016). In addition, this undermines the efforts of the government to rehabilitate and integrate individuals with disabilities. However, American Disabilities Act sets to break down these barriers and create a free society for people living with disabilities to have more productive lives. ADA grants civil rights protection to individuals with disabilities giving them equal opportunities with other minority groups. This article overlooks the influence of ADA and the law when working with students with disabilities.
To understand the impact of ADA on people working with the disabled, here is a case presented. Working with children with disabilities is quite challenging. Recently, the school I was working for organized a nature trip to the woods. The main aim of the trip was to teach about the importance of environmental conservation in regards to the forest. However, there was a setback in terms of two students, Mary and Kim, who were totally deaf. But ADA in section 504 states that the school should provide accommodations to ensure that students with disabilities take part in every activity within or outside school (Brown & Broido, 2015). In case this was not provided, the parents/guardians had the right to complain to the department of justice and issue a complaint or file a civil case.
To sum it up, the main responsibility of the office for the civil rights is to do away with discrimination against students with disabilities. Section 504 covers the identification of students and the means for the children to obtain proper education. Moreover, section 504 declares that all schools should grant free education to qualified students with disabilities despite the nature of their disabilities (Becker & Palladino, 2016). These laws aim to provide equal opportunities and increase the economic development of a country.

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October 20, 2021

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