The Benefits of Immigration

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The Benefits of Immigration in the United States

The overall number of foreigners, both legal and undocumented, in the United States is the highest. With its current wealth, the nation is perfectly capable of monitoring immigration and imposing legislation that will prevent all undocumented immigrants from entering the country. Nonetheless, the immigration department has been hesitant to deport all undocumented immigrants from the country. The country's failure to address this problem has led to the now-famous moniker "melting point" (Sequeira, Nunn and Qian 44).

Cultural Diversity and Integration

The United States has succeeded in uniting diverse peoples and communities into a single nation and has reaped the benefits. The education sector, for instance, has students from all over the world that have integrated into American culture and introduced some aspects of their lives towards inspiring Americans to have a broader perspective on life. Although the immigrants may not pose any danger to the hosting country and instead be productive, most Americans have felt that the presence of these people threatens the stability and success of the nation. Some politicians have also joined in this school of thought pushing for eradication and vetting of all immigrants. Despite different opinions, immigrants are not detrimental to socioeconomic structures and may present greater benefits that may surpass the cost and fears presented by the native citizens and politicians. Immigrants have many benefits to the socioeconomic sectors of a nation compared to any dimerits that they may present.

Contribution to the Economy

The immigrants in the United States work in low paying jobs that Americans would not agree to. These sections are vital to the development of the country and supporting other sectors that rely on them towards establishing stability of the economy. For instance, the hotel industry cannot operate without cleaning that is mostly a minimum wage job. The immigrants may find such job opportunities better than whatever they experience in their countries (Battisti et al. 16). As such, they tend to give their best and do remarkable jobs in those sectors. In the absence of immigrants, these involvements would cost double or more to execute, and that investment would spill over to other sectors of production leading to the high price of goods and services. However, the country has not witnessed any upsurge in costs, and prices have stayed level for a considerable period since immigrants help balance things out. Millions of immigrants have employment in the low-wedge sectors of the economy and withdrawing all of them would be a major hit on continuity of work in various industries not to mention a halt in other fundamental industries. The economy has benefited immensely from cost reduction and availability of cheap labor. The great economic contribution that the US enjoys from non-natives cannot allow the country to do away with the immigrants.

Tax Contribution and Financial Burden

Illegal immigrants in the United States greatly benefit the taxpayers in the country. It may be unfortunate to the former, but the latter has the greatest benefits to accrue from the taxation that involves all individuals in the United States. Despite lacking proper immigration papers, illegal immigrants pay more in taxes compared to what they consume in social services (Ojeda and Robinson 117). They pay both the state and federal taxes as those are key requirements of every citizen in the US. However, unlike legal citizens, illegal immigrants cannot request for any compensation that ought to have accrued from their payments and contributions through taxes and other social services. As a result, all the expenditure ends up in the economy through investment or other avenues hence benefiting the country's citizens. On average, these resources tend to ease the burden on the native American citizens as the money caters for deficits and controls possible increase in taxation.

Enriching Cultural Diversity

Immigration offers the cultural diversity that has enriched most countries with spectacular interaction with the rest of the world from home. When new people come in, they present various ideas that go around the world, and these developments give the natives a broader perspective to perceive the world and understand humanity. Sometimes the locals inculcate new concepts and beliefs in their lives leading to a break from the monotony of a single approach to existence. Cultural diversity also presents opportunities to exploring various destinations to witness the different structures and cultures transpiring globally hence promoting tourism that may open opportunities for the locals in other countries (Briggs 98). Cultural diversity has always improved the quality of life for the hosting countries by introducing better standards and aspects of life that would not have been possible without interaction with individuals from other parts of the world. It is one of the greatest benefits that countries accrue from immigration.

Innovation and Employment Opportunities

Immigration present new ideas and minds that can help improve research, create products and services, as well as widen the scope of employment. Most countries that focus on immigration are in the developed tier with advanced resources and high level of research and education. Most talented and excellent learners with great ideas tend to seek for knowledge and education from the developed countries (Brook and Buettel 122). As a result, they bring with them great ideas that the native countries may not have in store. These individuals accept to work with the foreign investors in the hosting country because they cannot do anything on their own due to lack of resources. For instance, the United States has been the greatest beneficiary of ideas from other parts of the world. Once the immigrants implement these ideas, they patent them and use the best ones to open up employment opportunities for the natives. The different living conditions among other factors around the globe have always inspired varying ideas. The impossibility of implementation is what pool the great thoughts together in a country such as the United States with the wherewithal of turning ideas into products and services. As a result, the economic status of such countries keeps on improving and developing hence the unrelenting stability.

Contribution to the Entertainment Industry

Immigrants have been instrumental in the movies and entertainment industries that earn the United States a fortune. The United States has one of the most advanced film industry which seeks to embrace global unity hence the increased employment of individuals from diverse races and origins. Immigration has introduced new ideas and actors in the American film industry that have not only improved the plots and themes but also opened up greater markets for increased consumption (Card 234). For instance, Indians will purchase a particular movie in great numbers because it has featured one of their own. The same has also applied in circumstances where a movie or a screenplay has integrated a particular unorthodox culture that relates to a given group of individuals. By introducing these new players, the country has managed to explore new markets without any major struggles. Although such ideas may have crossed the minds of scriptwriters and producers, the diversity may not have been a primary marketing strategy. Nonetheless, the incorporation of multiple dimensions seems to work and hence the great need to appreciate immigration.

Financial Benefits of Foreign Students

Immigrants, both legal and illegal, bring tremendous resources to the United States. Most of these individuals pursue American Education that is the most expensive globally. The American education is one of the greatest sources of income for the country (Cook 111). These funds are either from the home countries or wages from employment. With millions of learners in schools from foreign countries, the United States can boast of billions of dollars in revenue. Apart from the staff and research facilities, the education sector does not require so much investment, and that allows for injection of the funds into other parts of the economy. Moreover, the government has conveniently deployed some of these resources into students loans that have in turn helped native Americans that cannot afford a college education to be in school and pursue their dreams conveniently. Lately, the United States has been keen on advertising its education so that as many individuals as possible can subscribe to these programs. Although the country can always boast of the quality of services it offers, money has become a great part of these ventures. With a population of over 300 million people, the United States can make great use of these earnings to ensure that every native individual gets the best form the government and the system in its entirety (Dyrbye et al. 4).


Overall, most people have a varying opinion regarding immigrants with a bigger percentage regarding it as a problem to the country (Dyrbye et al. 14). However, the notion is not true as they largely analyze the issue from one point of view. Most people assume that immigrants increase crime and deprive natives of the jobs that they fully deserve. Nonetheless, the findings of this paper have proven otherwise, and a keen analysis by citizens may reveal the same about this debate. Immigrants occupy low paying jobs that most natives would never do. As a result, the former help sustain the economy and ensure continued productivity and operation of all sectors. Cultural diversity has also helped the locals integrate a difference in their lives breaking from the monotony of a single course of life. By moving to developed countries, they add to the research resources that help in producing better goods and services and adding more jobs to the economy. Services such as education that is developed in the United States has earned the country resources that have been helpful in uplifting other sectors of the economy. The movie industry have also had tremendous uplift and improvement due to the growth and increase in the population of immigrants. The US can now enjoy foreign markets through the introduction of players from various parts of the globe. From the preceding, the benefits of immigrants in the country surpass any fears and its demerits and hence the need to perceive the issue with moderation and advanced intellectual analysis.

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January 13, 2023

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