The case of the container store

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With respect to the situation, I would characterize Container Store as a high-performance organization. An organization that gets the most out of its sales is one that performs well. But there are a few things that an organization needs to take into account if it wants to get the best results, which are used as a benchmark for high performance. Numerous measures used by the company in the Container Store example point to it being a high-performance business. For instance, the Container Store's employee-orientedness metric indicates a dedication on the part of employees to attaining the company's objectives and providing the finest services possible to clients. As a result, the Container Store sees an increase in client attendance, which in turn causes sales to soar.Also, granting health insurance to part-timers is evident that the organization is a high-performance organization. Companies that are yet to realize a high-performance hardly give health insurance to part-time employees.

Question 2.

Container Store already has one of the most effective HRM in place. Its effectiveness is evident from how the company runs its operation including employee management, customer satisfaction, hiring, remunerations and above all, from the framework that exists within the organization. From the case, emphasizing on employee satisfaction would lead to increased profits. In this regard, employees should be granted bonuses based on their overall performance in the organization. Most important, employees with unique and innovative skills should be hired. Still, promotions based on performance can raise the profits of the organization. My sentiments would not comprise the employee-first policy since they are somewhat employee centered.

Case 2. HR in Small Business: Learning to Show Appreciation at Datotel

Question 1.

Based on the information provided in this case, Datotel has focused on few job satisfaction sources. For instance, the firm has addressed employee appreciation through thank-you note and small gifts. However, if the company seeks to realize an increase in performance it has to address sources such as bonuses and promotions among other employee-oriented measures. The company should award bonuses and grant promotion based on an employee’s performance at the workplace.

Question 2.

Datotel can deploy several measures to evaluate the success of its employee retention efforts. First, the organization can evaluate its employee turnover. When the percentage employee turnover is high, it suggests the success of Datotel's employee retention efforts. Second, the company can use promotions. Also, Datotel can determine the success of its employee retention efforts by evaluating the number of new hire employees they recruit. Note that more recruits would suggest a failure of the organization's employee retention efforts.

Question 3.

Such a situation is quite sensitive and could lead to total failure of Datotel. However, as an HR consultant, I would recommend David Brown to hire a new manager. In this case, the manager should possess the required skill and one familiar with the operation of Datotel. So, promoting an employee who had shown some potentials regarding high performance, innovativeness and leadership qualities becomes a better option. In this way, efficiency and teamwork are promoted at the workplace through the existing relationship between the new managers and the workforce. As a result, the company moves forward seeking to achieve its goals and maximize its sales.

February 09, 2023

Business Economics

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