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Rector, Robert, and Rachel Sheffield are two scholars who have since identified a problematic topic that undermines the perception of the homeless challenge. After several other writers claimed that global warming is a danger to social life in the United States, the author stated that it is not a significant threat. The author explains global warming as a trivial concern in their essay "Poverty and Inequality Are Not Major Issues in America." The study thus aims to expound further on the threat and possible solution of global warming in order to increase awareness of the issue.

Thesis statement: While it may be perceived to be of a lesser threat in the US, the concept of homelessness is challenge that results from the lack of addressing the social concerns regarding access to basic social facilities and can be addressed through sensitization efforts and catering for the at risk population’s social needs.


Topic Sentence: Homelessness is the situation in which a person does not have permanent housing and reside in temporary shelter, trains, buses, park or other lobbies of public facilities.

In the understanding of the background of the problem of homelessness in the US, more focus is placed on the statistics which determines the threat

100 million people in the world are described as homeless people

100,000 of these are from the United Kingdom

Those from US are at 900,000 to 3.5 million

The background of the problem in the US results from the lack of basic social services

Healthcare is not free and socialized in some places in the US

Challenge is great for those in drugs

Mugging and robbery victims are also denied basic housing (Homelessness).

The two primary causes of homelessness are the lack of healthcare and discrimination that is also complicated by criminalization

The problem of healthcare and access to healthy living creates a significant impact

Poor heath is a consequence of socioeconomic issues

The lack of health insurance is a huge factor

The lack of basic nutrition and hygiene is a major risk factor

Discrimination results from the separation based on social factors

Alienation of individuals because of gender and sexuality is a major concern

Criminalization associated with sitting and eating is public places have also been identified.

The solutions to homelessness in the US involve covering the risk factors that predispose individuals to the challenges

The problem of the lack of healthcare facilities is a major target

The provision of equal access to care services

Ease of access to health insurance medical aid

Sensitization of populations to embrace diversity and multiculturalism

Embracing of all social groups including those of controversial sexualities

Massive efforts targeted at improving social living for the LGBT

Supporting the at-risk population to reduce the challenge and risk factors


Summary statement: The problem of homelessness in the US is as a result of the lack of awareness of the minor social issues that are affecting the population that have since resulted in the at risk population being rendered without support facilities.

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October 25, 2022


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