The Causes of Attention Deficit Disorder

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Attention Deficit Disorder is caused by a combination of both Biological and environmental factors. The biological factors include a mix of genetic factors as well as the deficiency of the dopamine neurotransmitter. The environmental factors, on the other hand, include risk factors such as exposure to lead and adverse environments that cause psychological distress. Although the condition affects sensory nerves, bad parenting has not been proven to have any effect in the same.

              Biologically, dopamine serves as a neurotransmitter delivering chemical messages to the different parts of the brain. When the levels of dopamine in the brain are below normal, however, neurotransmission is impaired as the dopamine receptors do not get sufficient amounts of dopamine. This leads to a loss of focus and impulsive responses as the child/ patient is unable to effectively coordinate the different stimuli caused by the environment(Healthline, 2018).

Environmentally, factors such as lead are associated with mutations that affect dopamine-related genes. Such mutations make the neurons less receptive to dopamine hence enhancing the effects of ADHD. Psychological distress, on the other hand, is associated with mood instability. In its extremes, it leads to sensory processing disorder that is characteristic of most children who have ADD. This disorder makes children lose their ability to pay attention(National Institute of Mental Health, 2018). They become withdrawn from sensory simulations such as touch, sound, and light. Their ability to be distracted by factors such as light, touch, and sound increases leading to troublesome behaviors that deviate from the normal sensory expectations. This has been proven by the use of frustration coping techniques where children who undergo such training cope well as compared to their counterparts who do not (Temple University Health Sciences Center,2005).


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