The Causes of New Imperialism in the Late 19th Century

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As from the late 19th century, Western Europe applied the New Imperialism policy that was characterized by aggressiveness in the race of colonies. This new age differed from the initial imperialism that dominated in the early 19th century, by involving increased competition and aggressiveness in acquiring colonies. The New Imperialism policy emerged due to various reasons, including economic, religious and humanitarian goals, and political and military interests.

            Towards the end of the 19th

century, there was a need for European industrialized countries to expand the market for their products. Equally, they needed cheap labor and a steady supply of raw materials for their industries. The idea of acquiring colonies was the best way to serve their economic interests, due to direct control. In this regard, there was increased competition for colonies, an element that propelled aggressiveness in the race.

            Notably, towards the end of the 19th

century, leading European nations believed that colonies were necessary for nationalism, military power, and national security. They felt that they needed a strong security force to become a great power. Consequently, the European nations required military bases all over the world. In this regard, they need to seize harbors and islands to satisfy their security needs. Therefore, the demand for security personnel and bases contributed to increased competition and use of aggressiveness in the race for colonies towards the end of the 19th


            Finally, the increase in competition and aggressiveness in the race for colonies in the late 19th century was as a result of religious concerns. Most Westerners believed that it was necessary to civilize other people beyond the seas. The non-whites were to receive Western civilization blessings, including Christianity and medicine. In this regard, the European nation’s interest for colonies rose, thereby propelling the application of aggressive means to meet their needs.

November 24, 2023


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