The Chinese in the United States and the American Culture

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The Chinese contributed profoundly to the United States' expansion as a society and were implicated in the several states' accelerated industrial revolution. Even though they weren't acknowledged for their powerful grants, their influences still remain long after their first entry to the US soil. Many Americans possess close ancestors from China, which compound a notable portion of the nation's population. The Chinese population practiced several professions like working in fields, farming, and seafood butcheries. Still, they made valuable sums as opposed to the earnings back at home, they received these through backbreaking encounters, and some even lost their lives in the process of working in America.
How and Why the Chinese Contribution in America Was Erased
The contribution of the Chinese was erased using different kinds of methods. They used to work for wealthy land owners who wanted some wetlands to be reclaimed for farming. However, the number of deaths of the Chinese and how they were affected was not recorded (Iris 282). This was ignored, or it was thought as insignificant as they had no rights which protected them. Their contributions may have also not been recorded as they were seen as threats to the employment of the whites’ population of America; they were often described as cheats (Iris 130).
Why People Sought To Wipe Out Chinese Immigrants Leading To the Exclusion Acts
Due to the hard work and growing number of the Chinese in America, the citizens of America through several states saw this as the threat to the wellbeing of their livelihoods (Iris 65). The Chinese were even banished off as aliens, and this led even to them being denied the right to vote. This barred them from decisions in social-political decisions. When in 1877 a drop in the financial market of San Francisco led to the loss of property and savings among the people, the Chinese were blamed for this, and it resulted in the massacre of Chinese originality people (Iris 129). This incident propelled the Congress into passing the bill that would deny the Chinese to work for companies.
How Racism Contributed To the Lack of Acknowledgement of Chinese Contributions
Due to their small population and how the natives viewed them, they were considered insignificant in matters economy and political (Iris 215). Their hard work traits also earned them enemies to the dominating white population. These made the Congress to pass several bills that did not favor their stay in the Americas.
The Chinese in the Racial Hierarchy of America Then
The small population of the Chinese in America made their position in the racial hierarchy quite unclear (Iris 65). In the south, they avoided racial segregation by fleeing and making relations with the whites hence they were positioned immediately after the whites. Also in the east, they intermarried with other races leading to characterization and different views from the media.
Using the given materials and records concerning the Chinese we see that they also had a big contribution to the state of America even in the present times. It is unfortunate that no records of their contributions were kept showing how severely they had been segregated and ignored for many years (Iris 65). As it is well known in the world today, they are hardworking, intelligent and have also mastered the art of reverse engineering. This has made the Chinese a force to reckon with, enough to show that the Americas owe much to the Chinese and vice-versa.
Work Cited
Chang, Iris. The Chinese in America: A Narrative History. New York: Penguin, 2004. Print.

September 21, 2021

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