the comparison of Pulse Rate at Rest and during Different Levels of Physical Activity

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When conducting biological experiments, it is essential to include study groups, which are the subjects on which the procedures are conducted (Waltemath et al., 2011). This study category is subjected to the independent variables being evaluated by the scientist. In contrast, a control group is a group of participants in an experiment that are isolated from the rest of the group so that they are not affected by the independent variables being studied (Waltemath et al., 2011). In most cases, the control group is used in circumstances where the conditions of the experiment are so complex and difficult to isolate. Experiments which use control groups are usually referred to as controlled experiments (Waltemath et al., 2011). However, although in all biological experiments there must be experimental groups, the control group may not be needed in all experiments.

In conducting the experiment mentioned above, the hypothesis that would be made is that pulse rate increases with an increase in the intensity of physical activity (positive hypothesis). The independent variable to in this experiment would be the pulse rate whereas the dependent variable would be the level or intensity of physical activity. Regarding the intensity of physical activity, the experimental group would be individuals to be recruited for the experiment would be those; walking, jogging, and cycling because they are activities of varying vigor. The control group in the experiment would be an individual who is resting and not doing any activity. The materials required for this kind of experiment would be a pen, notebook, timer, and a pulse rate monitor. The experiment would be repeated three times using the same groups and the results collected are recorded and after that an average of the three recordings computed. The results would be analyzed to test for the authenticity of the hypothesis.


Waltemath, D., Adams, R., Bergmann, F. T., Hucka, M., Kolpakov, F., Miller, A. K., ... & Le Novère, N. (2011). Reproducible computational biology experiments with SED-ML-the simulation experiment description markup language. BMC systems biology, 5(1), 198.

January 05, 2023

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