The concept of critically analyzing the current practice

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The notion of critically assessing existing practice in order to construct research problems was thoroughly addressed and comprehended, since the student is now able to successfully formulate a research problem. As a result, the student may clearly describe the research problem, which is generated from a statement about a problematic circumstance that the researcher is attempting to resolve. Particularly, the student can comprehend the difficulties associated with developing a research problem. Specifically, the topic of evaluating research as the basis for decision making in order to enhance outcomes through translation into evidence-based practice was thoroughly covered, and the student can make decisions based on the most recent evidence (White & McBurney, 2016). Understanding the evidence-based practice enables the student to integrate individual clinical expertise from systematic research and consequently, explicitly, consciously, and judiciously using the current best evidence in making decisions about the care of the individual patient.

The topic of synthesizing an understanding of the research process through the development of a proposal to address a nursing problem or focus area identified in nursing practice was also well covered. Consequently, the student can understand the purpose of conducting research to generate new knowledge and to validate the existing knowledge based on theory. Therefore, the student can explore, discover, and investigate in addition to understanding the philosophy of science (White & McBurney, 2016). Finally, the topic of ethical issues related to the conduct of scientific research, including informed consent, data management, data analysis, and protection of human subjects was well covered and understood. Therefore, the student can comprehend and identify the broad principles that govern the ethical conduct of research. Also, the student can explore national and international initiatives, and research priorities and the support researchers should get when carrying out the research.


White, T. & McBurney, D. (2016). Research methods. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

May 10, 2023

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