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The Connection between Nutrition and Criminality

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Several researches have been carried out to establish a link between nutrition and criminology. Although many of such research have concluded that there is a link between nutrition and criminology, some studies contradict some early research and conclude that there is no correlation between criminology and some nutrition contents.
One of the earliest studies focusing on how chemical imbalances may make a contribution to criminal activities was posted in the Lancet journal in 1943. The study concluded that hypoglycemia reduces the capacity of the mind to motive effectively. According to the study, the condition renders its patients to have a poor judgment about the penalties of their behavior. Recent studies show links between immoderate consumption of white sugar and aggressiveness; it impairs personal ability to make reasonable decisions. However, a later study conducted in 1994 contradicted this early studies and concluded that there is no correlation between body sugar levels and hyperactivity.

Some studies indicate that food additives trigger criminal violence while another research shows that the consumption of sugar and coffee causes antisocial behaviors. Although a high consumption of coffee among inmates may be linked to their hyperactivity, habitual coffee takers have not been linked to criminal activities. Some studies show that diet deficiency of several vitamins and some nutrients are likely to trigger aggressiveness which can lead to crime. A social experiment conducted by Stephen Schoenthaler from California State University established a decline in bad behavior among schoolchildren and incarcerated adults who were feed on vitamin supplements. Maternal diet during the time of pregnancy has been identified to have an effect on the infant’s IQ and early behavior. Consumption of high levels of DHA and fish rich in fatty acids is likely to reduce hostility among young adults.

Although some studies contradict others that draw a link between some dietary intakes to criminology, many more studies have shown that different nutrients are related to criminology in different ways.


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Prentice Hall.

July 24, 2021




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