The Crimea Crisis

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The Crimea Crisis is a situation where the Crimean Peninsula is annexed by Russia. This has caused a great deal of conflict and confusion. This article explores the events surrounding the crisis and how Russia and China are reacting. It also looks at what the future holds for the region and what could happen if the crisis continues.

Russia's annexation of Crimea

Russia has announced its annexation of Crimea. The annexation was triggered by a referendum that showed a majority of Crimeans wanted to become part of Russia. Pro-Russian militias seized the naval headquarters complex at Sevastopol and the Ukrainian military base at Perevalnoe. They also seized two highway access points into Crimea.

The annexation of Crimea has strengthened Russia's geopolitical position and positioned it as a country willing to protect its interests in the region. But it has also heightened international concern and post-Soviet states' fears about Russia. This may result in a greater tendency for these countries to find alternative international partners.

The annexation of Crimea could also benefit Russia financially. The Ukrainian government currently pays Moscow $97 million a year for the Black Sea Fleet, which is in Crimea. The annexation of Crimea could lead to a substantial decrease in the cost of the Black Sea Fleet. In addition, the annexation of Crimea will likely result in a reduction in the cost of the Kerch-Yenikal Canal.

The Russian government's annexation of Crimea was a strategic decision based on energy and resources. Energy resources in the Black Sea, and a 30-year gas agreement with China were key factors in the decision to invade the peninsula. The annexation of Crimea could also signal a Russian shift eastwards.

Russia's response to the crisis

In the aftermath of the Russian annexation of Crimea, the Western governments have voiced their disapproval of the move. In a move that is likely to stoke more tensions between the two countries, Russia's response to the crisis has been rather insular. Throughout the crisis, unidentified gunmen have stormed Ukrainian military bases outside Simferopol, and Russian troops have taken up residence in various bases across the peninsula. Ukraine's military was forced to evacuate 25,000 of its soldiers from Crimea. In response to the crisis, Putin signed a law formally integrating Crimea into Russia.

On 16 March, Ukraine's Constitutional Court declared the transfer illegal, and the Verkhovna Rada dissolved the Crimean parliament. Despite this opposition from the Ukrainian government, the referendum was held and 97% of the people in the region voted to join Russia. Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula and converted it into a federal district.

In the Crimean Peninsula, unidentified armed people seized airports, local government buildings, and key strategic sites. These men were not members of the local pro-Russian self-defense groups. Moreover, their uniforms did not display any type of insignia. Further, pro-Russian militiamen also seized buildings and set up roadblocks.

Russia's response to the Crimea crisis has been swift and aggressive. It has acted in a manner that has sparked international condemnation. It has been met with strong opposition from the West. In response to these actions, the EU has introduced new sanctions on Russian officials.

October 03, 2022




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