The determination in the Facemask

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Since I started playing soccer, I've learned a lot of things that have changed my whole life. Before I used to be cautious, anxious and intimidated by obstacles, but when I played soccer, I learned to be patient and positive.
During my first year, I began to learn some simple facts about football, which have added a lot to the building of my personality. In this way, I built a constructive outlook towards football, considering the fact that I was not invited to play alongside other senior players. Instead, I raised the gym with the hope of joining Jim Hill, a high school foot team in the future, where I can demonstrate my skills. The practices were gradually hard at the start, but I did not lose hope as this was the only way I would ameliorate my skills and perfect some stunts. When I joined the Jim Hill high school squad, I started as a player, although I did not measure to my decisive goal of playing on the varsity team that I grew up looking towards (Rehberg 95).
During the practice days, I used to warm up with the football teams with sessions of the football conditioning drills. Nonetheless, I did not keep up with the practices for long as I used to before; the truth of the matter is that I failed to practice and failed to play thus, I ended up not succeeding. In this manner, I was not able to perform my obligations as required given that I could still make some mistakes as a result of not practising enough. This part of my character kept on drawing me back from attaining my goal in the crucial years of high school life.
Nevertheless, my worry went on as I kept on fearing that if play, I would hurt other players given that at times, I was confounded of committing errors and faults especially when I was annoyed by shouting football coaches and irate teammates. Every other time, I was annoyed by shouting football coaches and irritating teammates, the feeling of dread materialised. In the middle of my sophomore season, my position as nose guard made me play in the varsity games on many occasions. In such circumstances, I frequently committed mistakes and faults. Often, the mix-ups were not huge that once in a while, the result of the play could be changed. Though, I managed to get a thorough verbal lashing at practice for the slip-ups I made. To some considerable degree, these events intensified my feelings of playing. Be as it was, I did not commit errors and faults as before. Once in a blue moon, I made outstanding plays that I was saluted. At the moment, in my senior year of football, I was presented with two beginning positions; I felt like a changed person (Steed 122).
Throughout these years, playing football has taught me what it takes to succeed. From the hard practices, I have picked up a diligent attitude of hard work. Conversely, I have figured out how to cooperate with other people in a gathering as my football coaches, and kindred teammates have always emphasised since it is important to coordinate with partners on the football field. Most imperative, I have developed an attitude for fearlessness. In an event where I end up weakly, it would not make a difference for me if I am derided or mocked. Instead, am challenged to make improvements for the better. I have acknowledged that it is significant to hazard disappointment with a specific end objective like pick up achievements. As my football coaches always say that practice makes perfect; I realise that this is genuine and always turn up for my practice. Nowadays, I practice a lot regardless of whether I succeed or fail (Steed 134)

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July 24, 2021

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