The Difference Between Past and Present Technology

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It is incredible how technology has transformed the world. Around us, within about two decades now. Some of the telecommunications consist of instantaneous communication, lifelike looking games, info is at the tip of your fingers for example on phones, I pads and also tablets, not forgetting personal computers. These are some of the technologies that have drastically affected our existence so much. Education and transportation sectors have also been significantly altered. In which, without them, we could not call today the 21st century. Both the past and present information are essential. However, it depends on an individual's choice of the method that they choose to use in searching, conveying or preserving information.

Means of communication

In the preceding times, people used to write letters that would take time to be delivered; people would also use word of mouth to pass information. This comes in handy as some information may be too sensitive to be addressed in the modern means. Later came the telephone, however, the telephone that we know today is entirely unlike the one of the past. Nowadays we can discretely press each digit swiftly to call somebody. The use of mobile phones is also being surpassed computers in other ways since one can call via Facebook or Skype, without the person owning a phone. In organizations, people had to converge together for meetings to be held which had to force the staff members to cut short other things but today people can stream in live sessions, via twitter or Skype and follow the proceedings as well as sharing their views. Thus meetings can be held online and not necessarily to be held on round tables. (\"Difference Between The Past and Present Technology\")

Means of transport

During ancient times traveling from country to country was done using camels, donkeys, walking by foot or using the sea with many unsophisticated crafts. This means of transport helped the ancient man to be fit as walking for long distances, for example, was enough exercise. Today people use submarines to travel via water or cruise especially when on holiday, the swiftness of electric trains and airplanes in travelling is just magnificent not to mention today's cars that have made it easier for the commoners to also commute effectively since they are fast and reliable. The means of transport could affect greatly how info is passed. ( \"Difference Between Past and Present Life — Steemit\")


Another difference between access to information now and in the preceding days is the fact that today the access to education is substantially easier. In the past, students had to access information by visiting the library and having long hours of research but today people write and publish books and through the internet students get all the information they need by just a clicking buttons on their computers, and they do not have to necessarily go sit in the library as accessibility of this information is everywhere. This has also affected the way information is saved for example through google cloud. (Seadle and Greifender 12).

It is a palpable conclusion that life has improved meaningfully in the last couple of years. It is absolutely much easier now. However, it is not easy to decide whether it is also better, since the older generations tend to condemn the current generations on their over the use of made technology and how they convey information. The scientific accomplishments and technological advancement are incredible. There is still the search for innovations which simplify our lives. On the contrary, though, life is now much quicker and busier than it used to be in the past. Moreover, it has also become more dangerous.

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November 13, 2023


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