The Effectiveness of Social Computing in Business

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Human-computer interaction provides an indispensable part of Social computing provides one of the most popular topics with regards to human-computer interaction. The term refers to an area of computer science that seeks to define the relationship between social behavior and computational systems. The topic is relevant to today’s business setting and operations. Its defines the interaction and collaboration that is manifested among the beneficiaries of computing systems. Subsequently, the project aims to determine the effectiveness of social computing in business.

Methods to be Used in the Achievement of the Goal

            Findings on the effectiveness of social computing will be secured through the use of survey and interview methods. The respondents will be identified randomly and informed of the goals of the project. The survey will be conducted over the internet databases. The participants will be allowed the freedom to determine the extent of their participation in the survey. Findings from the survey will then be compared to enable the establishment of relevant findings. Alternatively, the project will involve the interview method of data collection. Interviews with representatives of successful technology-oriented companies. Results from the interview will be compared to results from the survey to infer final findings on the effectiveness of social computing in business.

Project Deliverables

            Some of the project deliverables that will be submitted in class include questions that guided the interview and survey processes. Printouts containing participant responses in the survey will also be submitted. Lastly, the study will provide a document containing the findings of the study and the recommendations that can be applied to promote the effectiveness of social computing in business.

October 13, 2023
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