The Effects of Motivation to Receive Monetary and Health Benefits on Reduced Food and Drink Spending

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The current study investigates how the desire for long-term monetary and health-related advantages (IV) influences food and beverage expenditures (DV). The goal was to determine whether the incentive and awareness to get allowances and prizes actually encourage customers to spend less on food and beverages. The research used an experimental design and an inductive technique. There was only one person who received intervention for three weeks (starting on 17th July). Data was acquired by documenting daily expenses on a smartphone, and then a regression analysis was performed to determine the significance of the relationship between the IV and the DV. It was found out that the participant had spent about $279 during the first week of intervention, $170 during the second week and $120 through the third week. It suggested that the IV had a significant impact on the DV. Moreover, after running the regression test, it was clear that the motivation to receive long-term allowances and rewards (both monetary and health-related) was positively associated with the dependent variable of less or reduced spending on food and drinks at a statistically significant level (F= 4.75, p

April 19, 2023



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