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The task significance should be the most altered dimension during a job redesign intervention (Griffin, 2007). Griffin defines this key job component as the extent to which the available task influences the lives or work of others, both within the immediate organization (workplace in this case) and in the external world. According to this definition, the latter is concerned with the well-being of both employees and customers, which is, of course, why I chose this specific core dimension in relation to the scenario supplied. To my understanding, revising task significance will help employees seeking employment opportunities in the organization understand the risks associated the job both to them as well as to the clients. Also, I recognize that task significance will to some extent help employees evaluate if their services are worth and if they are indeed adding value to the organization. For example, if this latter is revised in ABC Corporation, telemarketers will realize the benefit of calling clients who had once inquired on certain products on the company's web when customer's satisfaction surveys will depict good reviews which will boost their morale as this will be proof that they are valuable to the company.

Equally, I think that the core job dimension of autonomy should not be revised at all. According to Griffin, autonomy describes the degree to which the job allows the employee substantial freedom, independence, and discretion to schedule the task and determine the procedure for executing the task. On my knowledge, I suppose that this particular dimension can bring about creativity, efficiency, and transparency when completing tasks. This is because employees schedule their own tasks, and it also gives them a high autonomy which makes them attend to their duties more effectively. In regards to this dimension, employees are not selective of tasks, and they purpose to execute any work as long as it leads to the success of the company. In the provided case on ABC corporation, there is no need of the company changing this particular dimension as employees have embraced it has proven its worth (telemarketers are performing well) (Griffin, 2007). This autonomy largely boosts the telemarketers motive towards making enough monthly sales (which is a positive impact on ABC corporation) so that they are not denied this particular privilege.

Question Two

Based on the situation at the Grand Valley Medical Clinic, I would recommend the management to undertake a traditional job redesign strategy/approach, job enrichment in particular. From the video (Types of job redesign: Job enrichment, enlargement & rotation. Intro to Business., Hartzell identifies job enrichment as a measure of providing employees with additional tasks for executing as part of their job as well as giving them responsibility and authority necessary in completing this additional tasks. Note that the additional tasks coincide with the skills, knowledge, and ability the employee already has (Hartzell, 2015). In short, the additional tasks align with the current employee's job. In regards to the Grand Valley Medical Clinic case, employing this particular approach means that the identified four high ranking employees are guaranteed of higher job satisfaction which will make them revisit and have a different perception of the idea of quitting.

Question Three

The most appropriate type of job crafting for pilots is cognitive crafting whereas relational crafting will best suit Transwest’s online marketing team. In the case of pilots, cognitive crafting will make them think beyond flying planes, and consider the safety of passengers as well as the maintenance of the plane in terms of repairs, engine effectiveness among others. For the online marketing team, relational crafting might help the team specialized in webpage developments and promoters to markets or advertise the company’s services on social media platforms. "Job crafting swap meets" would be appropriate for both pilots or online marketers. Flying an airplane is sensitive and very risky, so, there is a need for collaboration among the pilots to ensure they land the plane safe not risking the lives of passengers. In the case of online marketers, they get an opportunity to explore their expertise in their respective jobs, however, around their strengths and passion. I believe that communicating strategic goals will be another strategy that will serve both the departments well (Wrzesniewski, 2015).

Question Four

Part A

In conclusion, I ought to identify that job crafting, and job redesign somewhat relate in one way or another. First, both of them are aimed at encouraging or motivating the employee at the workplace. Secondly, they are all adopted to increase or reinstate the productivity of an organization. Conversely, they are both aimed at reducing monotony among the employees on their tasks.

Part B

I think the main advantages of job crafting include; 1) Increasing the happiness of employees. 2) their performance; and 3) their mobility to new roles. Equally, I think the disadvantages include; 1) the employee may lose focus on the job; and 2) changing of modifying the job methods may make the task complicated, and thus, low productivity (Wrzesniewski, 2015).

On job redesign, I think its main pros include; 1) reduces workplace boredom; 2) increases job satisfaction, and 3) increase productivity. Conversely, I believe the cons include; 1) employees are not exposed to new skills; 2) cost of enlarging jobs increases; and 3) Employees may take a long time to adapt to the newly proposed skills (Hartzell, 2015).


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May 10, 2023

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