The essay reflects the racism and ethnical discrimination

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The essay focuses on the bigotry and racial prejudice that different communities in society face. The author of the report focuses on the consequences of dropping specific identities from college and professional sports teams. The article would provide a thorough understanding of the alleged propaganda. It will shed some light on the situation for the readers, allowing them to make an informed decision.

The speaker is referring to the general public, which is his target audience. He is educating the public about Indian traditions and the misconceptions that some have about them. He addresses bigotry and race, which make certain groups feel superior to others. He gives an assertion that it is never easy to eliminate ethnicity and racism from college and professional teams.

Author’s Thesis

The author argues that it is not easy to separate racism and ethnicity from the chief virtues especially when dealing with a group of individuals. The case gets support from his mother’s reaction when he comes back home in a basketball cap branded Yankee. The author claims that people will always want to protect their own before thinking of others. To a greater extent, I agree with the author. In a community comprising many ethnic groups, there is that which dominates and feels more superior than the other. This group will always consider itself and benefit itself since it regards other groups of less importance. Similarly, there is a group that is inferior and always needs recognition from the majority. Therefore, it will always create a commotion to seek attention. It means that it forms a situation of unrest that will have them struggle over time and hence will never come to a consensus. Besides superiority and inferiority complex, I still believe that a solution of the problems will be best suited for the different ethnic groups. When the older adults decide to have a fair say, then it will have an impact on the young people.

An Appeal by the Author

The author calls to the benign to take their place with the perkin, chinks and the Atlanta Black to avoid any discrimination and ethnic clashes experienced. To the author, this appeal is the most fundamental thing done among the community. The people need to realize themselves and take up their positions and think of development and not fighting back. The writer convinces from his argument and therefore his opinion counts.


Yes, the author uses counterarguments. On one part of the story, he argues that it is not easy and inexpensive to separate the Native America names and mascots from college professional teams. On the other hand, he says that it happens so to incorporate the majorities happiness and have their teams maintain a high profile despite segregation due to ethnic groups.

The Author’s Background

The author’s experience is that of Oklahoman Mickey Mantle. The mother has always fought against the Indian stereotypes. She believes that they are not good people to associate with and there is where the battle started. The author is credible, but the mother is not. He is just an innocent child who went to a Cleaveland Indians- New York Yankees game to the experience with others. Due to loyalty and passion, the boy bought a baseball cap. The mother was against and decided to take away the cap from his head. It implied the rival the mother had against the Indians.

The Authority Mentioned by the Author

The author refers to the National Coalition on Racism in sports and media as the authorities regarding the ethnicity and racism experienced. The authorities protect the affected communities from hostile treatment. It is an organization licensed by the government to support the community. It tries to hammer away the discomfort experienced with Indian sports mascot.

Uses of Rhetorical Devices

The other uses rhetorical devices in the essay to attract attention and make the piece to appear interesting while reading. The writer uses irony to relate to the wrongdoing of the Oklahoma's. The main reason is creating a thoughtful mood to the reader. Make the reader think and absorb the point mentioned. The simile used gives an impression of one thing compared to another huge thing. The author uses the analogy to relate one object to another hence creating an environment of personification. The metaphor in the essay refers directly to the name of the team called Redskin, and yet they are discriminating the Indians. Alliterations such as big-nosed, buck-toothed and redskin caricature involved in the article give a clear description of the subject, and the reader can have a picture of the object.


Ethnicity and racism are major contributors of hatred among communities. The two forms lag behind the development of a countries economy due to endless debates and politics that do not have any meaning in the country. Therefore, for an economy to grow corporation among its citizens is important and must receive encouragement from the authorities. The government should put in place measures to help in eradicating the hindering factors mentioned earlier in the essay summary.

October 19, 2022

Racism Human Rights

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