The Faerie Queene of Spenser

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The Faerie Queene of Spenser is an intriguing piece of literature. Una, Scudamour, and Sir Artegall are all faeries and are all equally intriguing characters. Yet, few people have actually read the Faerie Queene of Spenser. The first edition of Spenser's poem dates from 1487, and this new translation is the best version yet. However, the translation of The Faerie Queene by Thomas P. Roche Jr. has some problems.

Spenser's faerie queene

Spenser's Faerie Queene is a highly readable poem which is set in a magical world. The Faerie Queene is one of the most famous poems in the English language. It was written by the English author Edmund Spenser. The novel was originally intended to be twelve books long, but Spenser cut down on the number of books to four. He first presented his first three books at the court of Queen Elizabeth, but was disappointed at his small stipend. Ultimately, Spenser blamed his lack of success on the ill-conceived political and prestige plans of Lord Burghley.


Spenser's epic poem Una, the Faerie Queene is composed of twelve books, each with several cantos. Book One, Canto One, depicts a knight named Redcrosse, riding on a horse with a fair maiden behind him. The knight begs the Faerie Queene for a boone, the prize for having done something well. The Queen grants it, and Redcrosse is awarded it. Book Two, Canto Three, is a scene where the Faerie Queene meets Una and explains her past, including a visitation with Morpheus, the god of sleep who creates false dreams for Redcrosse Knight.


In Letter to Ralegh, Spenser describes Scudamore as leaving Gloriana's court on the third day to rescue Amoret. Spenser defines Amoret as a thrall of Scudamore, whose desire to save her is based on the possibility of survival. As a result, Spenser defines Scudamore's thralldom as "being unable to pass through flames".

Sir Artegall

The story starts with the squire being approached by a knight demanding to trade two ladies for one. The knight forces him to comply, but the first lady protests and he cuts her head off. The squire finds the knight and binds him, but the faerie queene, Talus, believes that the knight is guilty and convinces him to follow Arthegall's decision.

Sir Calidore

In Sir Calidore and the Faerie King, the hero fights a creature that hates him: the Blatant Beast. This monster will do anything to kill Calidore. His quest is to kill the Blatant Beast so he can be freed from the evil spell of jealousy. However, Calidore is not alone in his quest. His friends include Cambell, Canacee, and Triamond.


The Faerie Queene is a satire of the Elizabethan age. It is a masterpiece of early English literature. Though Spenser was a member of the Elizabethan court, his writing influenced many other writers, including Shakespeare. The plot follows the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Robert Devereux. The two are aristocrats who fall in love and eventually fall apart.

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