The Fifth Business by Robertson Davies

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The fifth business is the title of a new novel by Canadian writer Robertson Davies. The novel explores the world of a small businessman who has an unconventional approach to achieving financial success. The story follows his attempts to create a new, more sustainable business. But along the way, he encounters a series of unexpected obstacles and pitfalls.

The book explores an important theme in life: not everyone is the hero of their own story. Many people are playing unrecognized supporting roles in our world, and yet their efforts can make a huge difference. The story depicts the fifth business as a character in the plot, and the character can help to change the course of the plot.

While "Fifth Business" may not be as grand as the best Hollywood films, it does have its share of quirky, eccentric characters. Its titular character, Boy Staughton, is one such character. He's a sexy baritone and, in many cases, he wears an ascot. His eccentricity helped him become an instant legend, not only in Canada, but also around the world. "Fifth Business" is inspired by the 1960s hermit scene and is, therefore, an excellent read.

"Fifth Business" is one of the most popular novels in Canadian literature. Originally published by Macmillan of Canada, the book is still a staple of English literature classes throughout the world. It has won numerous awards and continues to garner critical praise. In fact, the New York Times called it "an astonishingly enigmatic novel." The book was named number 40 on the American Modern Library's "reader's list" of the 100 greatest novels of the 20th century.

Fifth Business is the first installment of the Deptford Trilogy and is considered by many to be the best novel in the series. The story of Dunstan Ramsay is an excellent example of Robertson Davies' interest in the inner life. The author's interest in Carl Jung is clear in this novel, and Jungian motifs are interwoven throughout the book.

In the first part, the protagonist, Ramsay, is ten years old. He accidentally hits Mary Dempster, the wife of the local Baptist minister. The incident causes her to go into premature labor, giving birth to a baby, Paul Dempster. Ramsay is guilty of the incident, but he feels sorry for the boy.

The Fifth Business is the third novel by Robertson Davies and I really enjoyed it. The story is engaging and the characters are realistic. The plot is tense, and the setting is atmospheric. I also liked the psychology of the characters and the way they interact with each other. I would definitely recommend this book to others.


The fifth business is a novel by Robertson Davies. It is a fictional tale that revolves around two men who are foils in a competition. The fifth business is a story that takes place in a college. In the novel, the narrator, Dunstan Ramsay, works as a history teacher.

The book's narrator, Dunstan Ramsay, is a literary man searching for meaning. He is forever haunted by the incident that happened to his wife, Mrs. Dempster, due to a snowball. As a result, he views his role in life as a Fifth Business.


The Fifth Business is the first novel in Robertson Davies' Deptford Trilogy. The book follows the adventures of a character named Dunstan Ramsay and the people he meets. Ramsay's passion for hagiography is a strong part of the plot, and he and his friend, a priest, are drawn together by their faith.

Davies is a student of Carl Jung, and many of the characters reflect this in their lives. The events of the plot are also reminiscent of the idea of synchronicity that Jung believed in. In one case, a stone thrown at Ramsay reappears in a scandalous murder and suicide. Another example of synchronicity is a snowball that Ramsay accidentally throws at Mary Dempster. In the aftermath, Mary Dempster gives birth to Paul Dempster prematurely. Though the snowball is a seemingly insignificant item, it is weighted with malice.


The Fifth Business by Robertson Davies is a classic novel that explores the life of ordinary history teacher Dunstan Ramsey and the extraordinary events that unfold. This novel is part of the Deptford Trilogy, a series that also includes The Manticore (1972) and The World of Wonders (1975). It is Davies's most successful novel, and it helped launch him into international recognition.

While the book is partly a homosexual fantasy, it also re-enacts the myths of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In this way, the book is about sanctity, hermitage, and irony as it explores the human condition.


Psychology is one of the major themes in Robertson Davies's Fifth Business. As an avid student of Carl Jung, the author incorporated many Jungian concepts into his work. The result is an intriguing and engrossing read. If you enjoy reading fiction with a strong psychological theme, The Fifth Business is the right choice for you.

Davies's Fifth Business explores Jungian archetypes. Among the characters is Padre Blazon, a member of the Jesuit Bollandistes who resembles the archetypal Wise Old Man. Another important archetype is Mary Dempster, who represents the Sacred Feminine and the Virgin Mary. These archetypes play an important role in shaping the characters in the reader's mind.

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Percy Boyd Staunton

The Fifth Business by Robertson Davies is one of the best books of the decade. The depth and elegance of its writing have made it one of the most acclaimed novels in recent years. It explores themes of truth and illusion, and the metaphysical meaning of life. It also balances naive joy with sudden violence, resentment, and bitterness.

"The Fifth Business" is an absorbing novel that straddles the lines between the ordinary and the extraordinary. The story begins in the present, and gradually opens up to the strange, the bizarre, and the fantastic. The story is as much about the mundane as it is about the extraordinary.

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