The First Godfather Reflection

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In the testing of the analytical skills of a person and in figuring out the themes in the plot, film analysis is significant. By analyzing films, you gain a deeper understanding of events and the dominant subjects of the film. Though reflecting on the first Godfather, the themes of family union, fidelity, treachery and greed in our world have been presented (Ruddy & Coppola, 1972). The film offers freedom in which the viewers can decide on their liking for the different characters or not. My way of viewing films has changed, as I am now able to judge the characters based on their roles in the film and not actually their personality. I understand better the role of movies in presenting the different themes that surrounds the society as a whole. The film theory instrumentally helps us to understand more about the causal agents of the different vices and not only classify them. For instance, the different aspects of crime are not presented as randomized acts of violence rather the characters are outlined depending on their engagement in the criminal vices and not their true characters (Gene, 2004).

The course has given me insights on how to analyze movies and look at them from a different analytic angle. The analysis is instrumental in understanding more than the entertainment aspect of the film. The movies present the actual happenings in the society in an entertaining form, and thus, the offenders are not directly attacked rather their evils are exposed and the effects it has made known to them by way of acts by the characters in the film (Horne, 2009; Ruddy & Coppola, 1972). It helps in correcting behavior and creating a more decent and lawful societies.

I developed analytic skills which are instrumental in analysis of every situation that comes up. The movie reflection is useful in providing a working example of the events in the society and how I can maneuver over them. Film analysis is vital for the student’s own experience and assists them in developing good analytical skills which they can apply in their lives. Through it, one gains a better understanding on the different themes and the roles each character plays.

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July 24, 2021


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