The Fountainhead Review

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The movie the Fountainhead revolves around a determined and focused individual striving to be successful and different in the society. However, the community tends to be stiff and willing to comply with the orthodox structures without giving new opportunities a chance. Howard Roark is the main character and a brilliant architect in the screenplay. He is expelled from school, but his brilliance gives him a stepping stone in New York. Despite devastating struggles, he manages to get his life in order.

The primacy of the individual is the overriding theme of the movie with Howard Roark featuring as the play’s champion. He has the kind of personality, resilience, and ambition that the society needs to keep advancing. During the author’s second trial, he argues that individuals propel history, not societies. The mindset that the director presents is a replica of what the community needs to break from mundane ways of doing things to offer room for success.

The importance of reason is another key theme that manifests itself in the movie. From this perception, the movie resents sentimentalism, and emphasize that anything worth feeling and that which appeals to the state of mind should be a result of the combination of reason and logic and not emotions. The latter has taken control of humanity compromising their ability to take the right course towards improving humanity.

The movie has lately attracted attention in the United States following the change in the country’s leadership. Most people attribute the occurrences to Trump’s administration. However, many movie analysts believe that the comparison is vague and there is no similarity between the two characters, Howard and Donald Trump. Nonetheless, the key message from the screenplay is that humans must focus on independence to have self-fulfilment and realization.

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