The general points of the Technical Standards of the American Historical Association are the norm of history.

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The general points of the Technical Standards of the American Historical Association are the standard of history. It helps us to consider the past, through historical documents, exchanging historical principles of historians, scholarship whereby historical materials can contribute to the creation of items like the museum. Teaching plagiarism can be accomplished by museum visits, such as history in the public domain, work, additional advice on good principles and conduct, credibility and reality. All these tips are fair and by the experience they acquire and opportunities, they will bring value to some individuals and be a benefit in their lives. Via ethical standards, individuals acquire that feeling of identity when they believe they have been active in previous activities. Via the profession also individuals can understand the world around them and the long way they have come from. Plagiarism promotes one's effort since it is illegal to submit another person's work . Through collection and preservation of historical materials, there is an emergence of things such as museums which are additional sources of government revenue thus, promoting the economy. It creates employment opportunities for those people working in places such as historical sites and museums thus, improving the standards of living.
The main challenge that historians faced in their relationship to the public was biased in that the public was against them. The key issues which were demonstrated in the Enola Gay Controversy include concessions to balance, the world war first exhibition and collection, preservation, and display . It was unfair to the public for public groups to influence the historian's work in creating the exhibit as they do a wonderful job of collecting and preserving our past. Lessons learnt are that, human history is important in our day to day lives as we gain knowledge through those documentaries and also improve on one's values and behavior.

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July 24, 2021

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