The Glass Case Study by Google

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Google X is confronted with three problems which have a huge impact on its capability to put Google glass- a recently developed unique product in the eye-wear industry, at the top of the rivalry. These challenges namely:
Selecting a just distribution model that will better sales and create a niche market for the product.
Whether or not to partner
Whether to launch concurrent discussions with some preferred partners with expectations of getting a fair deal or to open discussions with a preferred partner.
A fair distribution model
Google are caught up in the middle, confused on either to sell their products online or through optical stores. The major problem with selling the product online is the limitation that comes with procuring the “glass-ware” without physically fitting them on. Selling via optical stores, on the other hand, would require Google to handle the extra financial burden of training store assistants in helping customers to articulate the use of the high-tech product.
Whether to Partner or not
Google faces the lure of penetrating the eyewear industry as lone rangers. They however face stiff competition from other eye-wear manufacturers due to the closed nature of their business niche. Upon its testing, Google glass has been viewed as a product for tech savvy clientele, who are not the only targets in the market.
Whether to open up simultaneous discussion with preferred partners

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Google faces a high risk of attracting a partnership deal that would render them “powerless” in the event that they open up discussions with multiple preferred partners due to the fact that each manufacturer may opt to take advantage of a publicly known disagreement and cash-in on the crisis.

July 24, 2021

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