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Google is one of the leading providers of software goods in the United States. The company recently introduced a new Jamboard Digital Whiteboard, which is expected to clash with Microsoft's Surface Hub. Figure 1 in the Appendices shows how Jamboard users draw ideas on the 4K projection whiteboard. The device also enables the team to draw images, extract web material, and apply notes to the Jamboard. Collaboration with other gadgets such as iOS phones and Android tablets is possible thanks to the cloud-connected touch screen whiteboard. When composing, some Jamboards are hung on the wall. However, the majority of the instruments are supported by a tweaked stand with four legs and four wheels. Notably, Google can improve the technology to support the sharing of the text documents, images, spreadsheets, PDFs, and slides on the board. Furthermore, the company can expand their technology to accommodate videos products.

The users in the room acquire different materials applied in the Jamboard such as stencils and stick notes. The Jamboard has features, which transform the handwritings into texts and drawings into images with regular shapes such as squares and cycles. The team members can write on the board using large pen, which does not have electric connections. Although handwritings do not generate quality texts and graphics, the user do not need to charge the devices before using, thus making it to adopt. The phones and Android tablets apps search the nearby boards and save the screenshots of the information on the display. Notably, some retail firms such as Netflix and Spotify are using the Jamboard to access to the information in the board. Importantly, the users of the mobile apps can easily include their contribution in the board.

With the inclusion of video elements, Google can present a meeting in the Jamboard and send a copy of the board to the hangout. The structure of the Jamboard can easily support the video-conferencing elements. To elaborate, the device resembles the 60 HDTV, making it possible to accommodate visual images. Furthermore, the toolbar at the left part of the screen has some supportive elements such as web browsers, calendar, and maps. The features can allow the users to grab digital maps and present them in the whiteboard. Experts argue that the object on the screen of the Jamboard can be modified to accept multi-touch gesture, which allows the users to incorporate video contents, write the notes, and clearly present them in the whiteboard. As a method of marketing its product, the company encourages enterprises to adopt the new platform for sharing digital contents. Furthermore, the management of the company argues that with the spread of the Jamboard technology, Google can include video contents to improve clients’ level of satisfaction.

The Jamboard has new qualities and features, which promotes efficiency and effectiveness. First, the device is a 55-inch 4K display capable of collaborating cloud features in its system. The users can only apply proper G Suit plan to enable Jamboard and mobile owners in the remote locations to communicate as if they are in the same place. Second, the device can permit the presentation through the Google Hangouts. To elaborate, the user can pull the required files from different Google applications. Google can as well improvise the device to permit viewing of the video clips through Hangouts. Notably, the Jamboard can allow easy learning for students located far from their instructors. Currently, the company is selling Jamboard in United States at a cost of $4,999 and additional $600 for maintenance. Conversely, the inclusion of the video platform will increase efficiency of the device and reduce the cost of operation.

Google new digital products are manifestation of different apps, which promote learning among key partners. Scholars argue that the Jamboard platform is likely to attract a large number of small business partners that do not wish to spend $9,000 on the Microsoft Surface Hub. The business persons, who want to access to remote brainstorming services, can connect through the Google Jamboard services. Initially, Google announced that their Jamboard digital product will sell at $6,000, but they significantly reduced their cost to $4,999 to attract more customers. The management can make the product more competitive by including the video content, thus allowing the business owners to watch the products.

The Jamboard, which supports the video contents, must possess varied features, which can promote easy accessibility of the contents. For instance, the device must have distinct hardware such as bells, whistles, and webcam. Furthermore, the device must have Chromecast support, which allows the users to beam the information from a nearby device to the Jamboard. Notably, the software of the Jamboard can incorporate a number of elements, making them easily adoptable to different devices. Compared to Microsoft’s Surface Hub, Jamboard is likely to perform better in the market due to its reduced price and high level of efficiency. To elaborate, the device is sold at slightly lower prices than Microsoft’s Surface Hub; hence, it can generate higher sales revenue. Furthermore, Jamboard interface can detect and understand the distinction between fingers touching and other devices such as the erasers, thus improving its efficiency. Additionally, the device can recognize and transform handwriting into editable texts.

The wider market of the Chromobooks has enabled Google to promote its G Suite enterprise tools in different platforms, thus creating the digital whiteboard niche in the market. Furthermore, the device has minimal utilitarian design compared to Microsoft Surface Hub and a well-constructed rolling stands. As a result, Google can acquire only few Jamboard at lower cost and move them across the states when needed. Therefore, Jamboard device can have better competitive advantage compared to the Surface Hub. Notably, most whiteboard products are permanently mounted in the wall, thus reducing their mobility to different places.

The Jamboard has reached the level of minimum valuable products (MVP), because it can satisfy the needs of the customers. Notably, MVP is the saleable attributes of the new products in the market. The inclusion of the video aspect will only add value to the product, thus increasing its observable attributes. Nevertheless, Google can launch the Jamboard in the market from an MVP stage, thus reducing the risk of product failure and the cost of operation. Google started to sell the first batch of Jamboard in United States as a form of carrying the AB testing. However, the company plans to expand its products to UK and Canada to attract more customers. However, the Jamboard services will only be available for G Suit plan and capable of collaborating, with the team operating the Google Drive files. Lastly, through the MVP, the management of the company learns about the new product faster, thus enabling them to build, measure, and learn from the outcomes.


Figure 1: Features of the Google Jamboard

October 20, 2021


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