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The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company

A setting of a story is the environment or context within which the narrative is set or in which an act is played. It is referenced as the background of the story. This paper responds to a narrative on the setting at “A&P”. The narrative describes the setting of a general location close to a beach where people do not mind moving around in bathing suits. However, this particular setting is within the town and considered a place where it is essential to move around in good clothing. The grocery store is in a place where many individuals come for shopping. The store is described to be a place where both working people and individuals on vacation and holiday collude in.

The author describes the weather to be fine and sunny more saw in the summer. The reader can conclude that a town is a place where wealthy individuals live and a setting of a holiday destination. The author introduces two male individuals working in the grocery store (Mays 163-168). He highlights the imminent possibility of many distractions to the workers by girls walking and shopping in the store in bathing suits. The author subsequently iterates that the people in the town consist of a busy atmosphere containing offices and banks. In the story, of importance is that the people visiting the neighboring beaches to the town should not disrupt the activities of the town’s people.

Work Cited

Mays, Kelly J. The Norton Introduction to Literature. Print.

August 09, 2021

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