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With the ongoing rise of research, the healthcare setting has undergone significant changes. It has resulted in the creation of a new environment in health care delivery that is designed to deal with the ever-changing character of diseases. Unfortunately, not only rookie nurses but also experienced nurses face major hurdles in implementing evidence-based practice.

One of the most significant hurdles to EBP implementation is a lack of information about EBP among nurses. According to studies, some nurses, particularly inexperienced nurses, lack the knowledge required to integrate research findings into practice. Bonner and Sando (2008) found that there is a great variance in EBP knowledge among nurses. Another challenge to EBP implementation is wrong perceptions and negative attitude towards research among nurses leading to lack of understanding of what EBP entails. This is a pertinent problem among older nurses who might be afraid of change and are stuck in archaic practice culture (Tagney & Haines, 2009). A third factor that has inhibited the implementation of EBP is work overload for the nurse that leaves many without enough time to engage in research work. A shortage in nurse means that they are stretched in providing general healthcare as well as the implementation of EBP.

In view of these challenges, concerned organizations should establish congruent goals and objectives for implementing change. The organization can support EBP by promoting and sustaining research as the basis of clinical practice. They also need to provide the right environment for EBP through initiatives like the provision of sufficient computer access, facilitators as well as dedicating time for EBP activities. Finally, they should be committed to disseminating research.


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Tagney, J., & Haines, C. (2009). Using evidence-based practice to address gaps in nursing knowledge. British Journal Of Nursing, 18(8), 484-489.

May 02, 2023

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